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For especially hard to find leaks, the Sound Amplification Manifold (SAM) adds air to the line, increasing water pressure. Take the leak sounds and pump them through the powerful Amplifier with built-in preset audio filters, low battery indicator light, and volume control. High quality David Clark® Headphones give you the clearest sound with superb noise cancellation features to block out interference from surrounding ambient noise. The new Gen-Ear LE is a simplified, more economical tool with stronger sound amplification than other systems.
It provides noise-free amplification with built-in preset audio filters, so you don’t have guess what settings to use.
It threads onto the sensor to listen for leaks through above ground pipes, fire hydrants, water mains, iron valves, or steel pipes and fittings. It helps amplify hard to hear leaks by using air to pressurize the water line making leak location easier. The Gen-Ear LE Carrying Case is designed to withstand heavy use and protect your investment. Use it to pinpoint water leaks in residential and commercial water lines, whether they are under concrete slabs, in walls, swimming pools and hot tubs.
And the high performance headphones with noise cancellation features block out interference from surrounding ambient noise. Safety mute button automatically shuts down the system when the headphones are removed to extend battery life. The ground sensor listens for the gurgling or hammering of water escaping from a cracked pipe under concrete, asphalt, or tile.
Wind proof, shock resistant housing protects against handling noise interfering with locating process. With General's Hot Spot pipe locator and transmitter combination, locating is easier than ever. Or, for above ground pipes or hydrants, you can use both the probe rods or the magnet attachment.
And the pipe locator's on-screen icons lead you right to your target, without the long learning curve.

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