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The Howard Leight Electro series ear muffs combine the convenience of having a radio and the safety of advanced sound amplification to ensure that the worker hears the necessary signals or commands. The HP-25 offers outstanding passive hearing protection at a very affordable price and are extremely popular with special education teachers, musicians during practice, shooters, craftsmen and anyone wanting to eliminate unwanted noise from their immediate surroundings. We are not responsible for typographical errors in pricing or product specificationinaccuracies in our catalog or web site. Some units on the market use a "new and improved" technology that reduces ONLY the loud sounds, without ever loosing the background noise.

However, I noticed that they didn't reduce gunshots anywhere near as well as the Peltor Tactical 7S.
Howard Leight C1 Clarity ear muffs features advanced sound management technology that allows them to filter out the noise and let through more of the important sounds such as voices and alarms. Howard Leight 1011142 dielectric aar muffs are great for job sites where workers must hear important messages and be able to communicate between each other more effectively while still requiring hearing protection. Howard Leight 1010374 radio muffs' sound amplification technology allows the voices and other signals to be heard more clearly while harmful noise remains blocked and not amplified.

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