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Nasal septum is the thin wall inside the nose that separates the right and left nasal cavities.
A person may not experience any signs or symptoms and they may not even know that they have a deviated septum in case it is minor. A person’s risk of nosebleeds may increase in case the surface of their nasal septum becomes dry. Blocked mucus can lead to sinus infections which are mostly marked by facial pain and headache. If a person’s nasal septum is displaced to one side, it means that they have a deviated septum. As a result of an injury to the nose, the septum can be displaced or knocked out of position, which is a more common cause of deviated septum. Managing the signs and symptoms of a deviated septum such as postnasal drip and nasal congestion is what the initial treatment for this condition will aim at.
The mucus of a person with a deviated septum may become blocked in the narrow passage and cause discomfort, postnasal drip or eventually, a sinus infection; because of this, avoiding a runny nose is very important for someone with a deviated septum.
A person’s risk of nasal blockage and sinus infection will be decreased by these prescription nasal cortisone sprays because they help prevent runny nose and reduce inflammation in the nasal passage.

A person may consider septoplasty, which is surgery to correct a deviated septum, in case they experience particularly bothersome symptoms such as frequent nosebleeds, significant airway obstruction or chronic sinusitis. Disclaimer : This site does not endorse or recommend any medical treatment, pharmaceuticals or brand names. When the mucus is blocked from flowing out of the nose, postnasal drip occurs, causing the mucus to drip into and linger in the back of the throat.
When someone has a condition that causes their nasal passages to swell and narrow such as an upper respiratory tract infection (cold) or allergies, this problem will be more noticeable.
Sometimes, when the deviated septum occurs during fetal development, it will be apparent at birth. Antihistamines can help in this because they prevent many symptoms of cold and allergy, including a runny nose. These medications help keep the airways on both sides of the nose open by reducing nasal congestion. In this procedure, the bone and cartilage of the nose are readjusted in order to change its size, shape, or both. Almost 80% of people have their septum displaced to one side resulting in a smaller nasal passage than the other side.

Tripping on a step, colliding with another person on the sidewalk or other accidents may cause a nose injury and result in a deviated septum in older children and adults.
To prevent bleeding after the surgery, the patient’s nose will be packed with cotton. But in most cases, during automobile accidents, contact sports or active play is when trauma to the nose occurs.
These two surgeries are performed only on adults aged 18 and over, because the noses of children still have time to develop.
One side of the nose may be blocked and the airflow reduced in case the deviated septum is severe, resulting in frequent sinus infections, difficulty breathing, nosebleeds and nasal congestion.
Excessive bleeding, a change in the shape of the nose, loss of sensitivity in the upper teeth or lip and infections are some of the risks of septoplasty.
Whether present at birth or as the outcome of an injury, deviated septum treatment may include medications to control signs and symptoms.

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