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Pediatric ENT Clinic has four office locations with easy access to patients in or near Statesboro, Vidalia, and Hinesville.
Pediatric ENT Clinic has a certified surgical center that provides virtually all ear, nose, and throat surgery without ever having to go into a hospital. Parents or caregivers may accompany their children into the operating room for induction of anesthesia. The outpatient surgery center for ear, nose, and throat is typically 20-50% less expensive than conventional hospital outpatientt surgical departments. Since infected or emergency surgical cases are not performed in our facility, the chances of MRSA or postoperative infections are greatly reduced in our facility.

When you come to our clinic and surgical center, we are very concerned with how long you have to wait.
The surgical center is certified with the highest clearance by Medicare, Medicaid, the State of Georgia, and the Accreditation Association for ambulatory health care. All surgery and clinic insurance is pre-certified and filed for you at absolutely no charge. Crews is a board-certified ear, nose, and throat surgeon trained in Georgia and has over 25 years experience in ear, nose, and throat surgery.
Crews has a knowledgeable staff that understands your medical needs and are able to pre-certify your medical and surgical insurance properly and accurately for appropriate coverage.

We also have email and cell phone text messaging reminders for all clinic and surgical follow-ups. Crews and every employee that you and your child are seen in a most reasonable period of time with as little wait as possible because we don't like to wait when we go to the doctor either.

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