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At Metrowest Ear Nose & Throat Associates, each staff member and doctor is dedicated to providing the highest quality care to the communities in which we practice. Schedule an appointment today with an ear, nose, and throat doctor in Framingham and Milford, Massachusetts. Doctors on HealthTap can provide advice, create treatment plans, prescribe treatment and refills, and even order and review lab tests. To compare the cost of the same procedure with different doctors, click the compare button below.
I had continuing fluctuating problems over the next year as she identified problems with my bite as well as gum disease on my lower right. Ears Cartoons and ComicsEars cartoon 1 of 254Dislike this cartoon?'The specialist gave me this medicine for my hearing loss. We believe in offering comprehensive care, including full-time emergency room and hospital consultation coverage for each patient.

Zwiercan as my dentist years ago, I would have saved myself two unnecessary root canals and avoided a lot of pain and suffering. I had gum graft surgery that was successful but I still had sensitivity to acidic food and occasional reflux. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. She identified a problem with a crown and when she fixed it, a lot of the pain was alleviated. She provided me with extra support and she was the one who recommended that I get help quickly through False Creek Healthcare Centre instead of waiting for months to see specialists in the public health system.
Unfortunately, my old dentist didn’t consider the possibility of sinus problems when I first had a bit of facial pain in the shower in 2007. As soon as she saw the results, she called me and recommended I see an ENT and get surgery.

You see, her mother suffered for 15 years with severe facial pain until she had sinus surgery. When she reviewed my panoramic x-ray from the other dentist, she showed me my sinus nerves.
She said they went down deep and she said that I probably had had a sinus infection and she would have recommended I look at that before she would have considered a root canal. I was still ignorant about sinuses and didn’t know about acute versus chronic infections.

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