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Florida Hospital Flagler's Parkway Medical Plaza, between Palm Coast's Walmart and Golden Coral, opens in July. The tour marshaled Hospital CEO David Ottati, his right-hand-man John Subers, Ottati’s business development manager Wally DeAquino and several other top staffers who highlighted the expansion’s benefit to the community in terms of new services, more jobs, more convenience for people seeking care, especially on that side of town, where some residents think of Town Center nearer State Road 100 as a galaxy far, far away. But there was no question, either, that Florida Hospital Flagler’s new location is making a serious statement to its competitors: its expansion is also an attempt to grab a bigger share of the lucrative health care pie in imaging, lab work and the walk-in clinic business.
Florida Hospital Flagler is the health care giant in town, in other words, and it not only intends to stay that way, but to diversify within the health care sphere as the business—the only sure-growth thing in the economy’s near term—finds its way through innumerable emerging business models grabbing for dividends. When it opens in July, what will be called Parkway Medical Plaza will have the sort of MRI that’ll let you wear movie-streaming goggles to help distract you while you’re in that jarring tunnel. The clinic had been located at Town Center under the assumption that that part of town would have been booming by now. Ottati notes that for all the hospital’s expansions, the Palm Coast market is still not ready to support certain specialties on its own—for example, neurosurgery or open-heart thoracic surgery. In an unrelated move, Florida Hospital Flagler announced the hiring today of Joshua Champion as human resources director. I have to recognize and appreciate the City of Palm Coast officials for contracting lately one of our local small business clinics, Mediquick for their services.

I want to warn ladies utilizing the local Palm Coast Imaging very successful services, of their deceiving practices while pricing their test to unemployed and indeed without insurance coverage, women. They’re becoming more demanding and more discriminating, in large part because federal law and insurance rules are shifting costs and responsibilities to consumers, who now expect a higher return. Expanding to the Parkway is also a matter of giving the hospital’s new doctors office space as more and more doctors choose to abandon private practice and embrace working as employees of a hospital: the salary is not as high, but the hours are more predictable, the headaches are fewer and insurance bills cheaper. Champion will administer employee relations, recruitment, compensation, and benefit plans, including the hospital’s employee health department. Now my question is: are you planning to drive them out of business as you did mostly already in the Office Park Center on PC Pkwy and Club House Drive, since your hospital opened, leaving plenty of vacant space there and you will force them to move to your plush new facility and enforce only to use your assistant personnel generating lay offs and also force them to only use your buddies out of county suppliers, taking away for good the work they do with local suppliers now? When they are paid by insurance they can charge and double charge whatever they want…that is why there is so much fraud.
It’ll have a women’s care center (mammograms, ultrasounds and so on) in a particularly discreet part of the building, to afford optimal privacy. The move to the Parkway suggests that the city’s center of gravity is not moving south nearly as much as its leaders wished or planned for, with the older part of town still exerting some pull. The hospital now has 930 to 940 employees, total, making it the leading or second-leading private business in the county (assuming that Palm Coast Data, which has been losing employees, is no longer at the 1,000-employee mark.) Otatti, who conducts a medical-market analysis of the region once a year, was asked about the next plans.

Champion has been with Adventist Health System, Florida Hospital Flagler’s corporate office, for several years and in multiple capacities. Our medical professionals, their employees along the P.C Parkway as well as the local suppliers are very concerned about it. Now when an unemployed woman without insurance tries to painfully pay of her own pocket, she should not be treated in the same way. Three of the eight doctors who’ll be located at the new location will provide new services (for example, a nephrologist, or kidney doctor, and an ear, nose and throat doctor).
Ottati said the hospital will work with the landlord to re-fill the Town center location with a tenant. He earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Health Care Administration with a minor in Management from Oakwood University in Huntsville, Ala. Lets wait and see as not all that shines in the local presented as Economic Development, is gold.

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