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Central California Ear, Nose & Throat Medical Group (CCENT) announces our new minimally invasive surgical treatment for chronic sinusitis Balloon Sinuplasty.
Central California ENT Medical Group Receives CT Accreditation by the IAC Click here to download and read full article!
A team of professionals providing a full range of otolaryngology services to the residents of the Central San Joaquin Valley . Otolaryngology Medical Web Site Design & Medical Website Marketing by Vital Element, Inc. Disorders of the facial nerve can occur to men, women, and children, but they are more prominent among men and women over 40 years of age, people with diabetes, upper respiratory ailments, weak immune systems, or pregnant women.
When half or more of these individual nerve fibers are interrupted, facial weakness occurs. Since the function of the facial nerve is so complex, many symptoms may occur when the fibers of the facial nerve are disrupted. The facial nerve passes through the base of the skull in transit from the brain to the muscles that control facial expressions. After the facial nerve leaves the mastoid, it passes through the salivary or parotid gland and divides into many branches.

Infections, injuries, or tumors can cause facial nerve disorders, but the most common cause of facial weakness is Bell’s palsy. The paralysis is likely to affect only one side of the face, but in rare cases it affects both sides of the face at once.
Since otolaryngologists—head and neck surgeons have special training and experience in managing facial nerve disorders, they are the most qualified physicians to perform an in-depth evaluation of abnormal movement or paralysis of the face. Electrical Test—Stimulates the facial nerve to assess how badly the nerve is damaged. Remember, when the facial nerve is paralyzed, considerable attention must be given to maintaining a healthy eye through a constant flow of tears.
Reprinted with permission of the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Foundation, copyright © 2008. Our physicians bring the best in care through our expert centers - The ENT Facial Surgery Center, Physicians Hearing Services, and the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Pavilion.
If these nerve fibers are irritated, then movements of the facial muscles appear as spasms or twitching. After leaving the brain, the facial nerve enters the temporal bone through the internal auditory canal, a small bony tube, in very close association with the hearing and balance nerves.

The facial nerve has four components with several distinct functions: facial expression, taste sensation, skin sensation, and saliva and tear production. This disorder, which often comes on suddenly and reaches its peak within 48 hours, is probably due to the body’s response to a virus. The facial nerve not only carries nerve impulses to the muscles of the face, but also to the tear glands, to the saliva glands, and to the muscle of the stirrup bone in the middle ear (the stapes). Along its inch-and-a-half course through a small canal within the temporal bone, the facial nerve winds around the three middle ear bones, in back of the eardrum, and then through the mastoid (the bony area behind the part of the ear that is visible).
An early sign of improvement, such as getting a sense of taste back, is often a good indication that there will be a complete recovery.

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