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The trial is being run by Autifony Therapeutics Ltd at 12 key hospital sites across the UK, including the National Institute for Health Research Sheffield Clinical Research Facility at the Royal Hallamshire and Northern General Hospitals.Around six million people in the UK are believed to suffer with tinnitus, with around one in ten experiencing to such a degree that it has a severe impact on the quality of their life.
There is currently no single treatment or cure for the condition, which often has no obvious cause.During the trial patients will receive the AUT00063 drug for a period of four weeks, with the impact on their tinnitus assessed at the end of this period of treatment.
The trial will mainly focus on people whose tinnitus may be associated with hearing loss due to noise exposure or ageing.

This is a very exciting development in the study and treatment of neurological disorders of the ear and our quest to find a medical cure for this distressing condition. At over 10% of the UK population, tinnitus affects a large number of people and seriously impacts quality of life for a significant proportion of them. The QUIET-1 study has been part-funded by the UK government in the form of an "Innovate UK", Biomedical Catalyst award.The QUIET-1 study will be conducted at a number of sites in the UK.

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