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With services in Longview and Marshall, Good Shepherd provides an interdisciplinary, collaborative approach to the management of problematic wounds to improve healing. We are a resource for physicians, healthcare providers and patients by providing assessment, evaluation and treatment recommendations for problem wounds of all types, including any wound present more than 30 days or wounds failing to improve with multiple treatments or therapies.
Good Shepherd Health System sets the standard for health, wellness and state-of-the-art healthcare in East Texas. Often, these wounds will not heal due to a variety of factors such as age, diet, circulatory problems, diabetes, arthritis, kidney disease and smoking. Our program incorporates an appropriate combination of wound care specialties including hyperbaric oxygen therapy. GSHS provided this link for your convenience and is not responsible for the content, links, privacy or security of information on non-GSHS sites. These wounds can become infected and if not treated in a timely and effective manner, sometimes in extreme cases, amputation may be the only alternative.
We leverage the latest medical technology for a broad range of specialty services, right here in the communities where our patients live and work. Our mission is to positively impact the overall health and wellness of our communities and to be the provider of choice for all of East Texas through innovative and high quality services enhanced by medical education.

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