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If you are considering a research degree in ENT (Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery) through the University of Sydney, we recommend you contact us to meet with Dr Singh. Philadelphia Ear, Nose and Throat Associates provides expert care for diseases of the head and neck, and is located at 219 North Broad Street in Philadelphia.
We have the best ear, nose and throat treatment available, including seven subspecialties providing exceptional care. Facial Plastic and Reconstructive SurgeryWe offer cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face, head, and neck. Speech and Voice CareOur team provides treatment for voice and airway disorders, including: hoarseness, change in voice or laryngeal function, and damaged vocal folds. Otology and NeurotologyOur team treats various diseases of the ear, such as chronic ear infections and hearing loss.

Head and Neck CancerAt UI Health, we are heavily involved in research and prevention for head and neck cancer.
You will be supported by the research facilities of The University of Sydney and the clinical resources of The Western Sydney LHD, including Westmead Hospital, Australia’s largest healthcare campus. The physicians in this practice are non-compensated members of the teaching faculty of Drexel University College of Medicine. Vast experience in patient care, teaching, and research is the foundation for clinical services that are among the best in Chicago and the nation. At UI Health, we strive to make the patient and visitor experience as stress-free and comfortable as possible.
Providing safe, high-quality and cost-effective care for our patients is our foremost responsibility.

We also offer specialized voice care for professionals with unique needs, such as professional singers, actors, teachers, and public speakers.
In addition, we offer rhinology, sinus surgery, nasal surgery, skull base surgery, and the treatment of nasal allergies. Our specialists address dizziness, balance disorders, facial nerve disorders, and perform surgery for cochlear implants and other implants that resolve hearing loss, as well as for skull base tumors. Our specialists treat various head and neck cancers, such as squamous cell carcinoma and thyroid cancer, as well as benign thyroid lesions and salivary gland disorders.

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