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Each year, fourth-year medical students from Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine anxiously wait for the day to be paired with what they might consider their perfect match. Often viewed as one of the most important milestones in a medical student’s education, Match Day is when students discover where they will spend the next three to seven years of their educational career serving as residents in hospitals or clinics across the country. With East Lansing activities taking place in the Kellogg Center’s Centennial Room, 35 of the 186 MSU students across the state anxiously opened their envelopes at noon to reveal their new medical destinations. Heidi L’Esperance, a student looking to become an ear, nose and throat doctor, was joined by her husband, Pete, and was thrilled to learn she was heading to St. Other MSU College of Human Medicine campuses participating in Match Day included the Upper Peninsula Region, Traverse City, Midland Region, Flint and Grand Rapids. Match Day is celebrated across the country with thousands of medical students taking part in the event. MSU has world’s largest collection of interviews with atomic bomb survivors from Hiroshima living in the Americas.

The couple is planning to get married in June and will begin both their residencies in Savannah, Georgia in July. Photo by Kurt Stepnitz.Click to enlargeErik Akopian and Margarita Santiago-Martinez, from MSU's Grand Rapids campus, celebrate after finding out they are both going to University of Southern California for their emergency medicine residencies. Courtesy Photo.Click to enlargeThuan Dang, a fourth-year Michigan State University College of Human Medicine student in Grand Rapids, learns she will complete her child neurology residency with University of Chicago Medical Center. He completed his residency in family medicine from the McLaren Family Residency Program in Flint, MI.

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