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Northwest Ohio Medical Equipment Northwest Ohio Medical Equipment (NOME) offers a wide variety of products and services to assist patients in their recovery process.We are a full service home medical equipment office. Community MidwivesWork closely with your doctor to offer regular monitoring, help and advice throughout pregnancy and during the first few weeks after birth.
For those patients on a regular 28 day supply of medication the dispensary offer a monthly medicine management service allowing patients a regular collection service elimininating the worry of remembering to re-order their drugs.
If you would like to use the site beyond typical consumer use, please consider purchasing a subscription to help support the operation. Please speak to the dispensary team.New Urgent Care ServicesFor non-life threatening minor injuries or illnesses that need treatment on the day visit the Cottage Hospital, our staff will be happy to help! For those without access to the internet, repeat prescriptions can be re-ordered via fax, royal mail or by hand. Many of our nurses have undergone special training and are now able to prescribe medicines in the same way as doctors.We now have nurses who look after patients who have suffered a stroke, patients with mental health problems, patients who have kidney problems and those with high blood pressure. The bulk of GP referrals are to the Market Harborough and District Hospital, University Hospitals of Leicester and the Kettering General Hospital although patients can have their choice of hospitals subject to speciality.

The work is strictly regulated and organised to ensure optimum turn around whilst maintaining high levels of accuracy and prompt delivery. We endeavour to resupply patients with their medication within 48 hours of receiving a request but it helps our stock management if patients give us a few days notice were possible. In addition the secretaries distribute the daily correspondence, expedite reports, request medical notes, organise disability claims, arrange private referrals and a multitude of other duties besides.Administratively the team ensure the smooth financial running of the organisation by preparing and paying the many invoices you would expect with such a busy practice. Your personal treatment plan will define how often you will need visits from one of NOME's health care team members. There is a constant flow of services, supplies and equipment through the practice which is procured at best price and which is required to service the regular needs of clinicians and patients alike.
Other services include developmental assessments, immunisations, parent craft classes, teenage health clinics and more! They provide training for you and your caregiver to feel confident with the equipment used for your treatment.All home respiratory services are monitored by a Respiratory Care Practitioner, who is on call 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. The whole practice is heavily reliant upon IT, as with every modern business, and we have dedicated personnel to operate and maintain the systems and backups.

The introduction of new electronic systems has helped speed up the requests, reporting and analysis of results out of and into the practice. The system also allows clinicians to know exactly the needs of patients and helps the management and review of their medication and illnesses in a timely and effective manner. IT is fast changing and the Medical Centre is keen to continue to develop its services through this medium.SummarisersThe Practice Summarisers ensure that new patients to the Practice have all the important medical information from their paper notes entered onto the computer as soon as possible upon receipt of the records. It is also the future aim to have all the existing patient records summarised many of which have already been completed.ReceptionOur team of receptionists strive to provide a friendly, efficient and effective reception service to patients. They arrange on average 1600 doctors appointments per week, together with around 1000 nurses appointments which includes setting up and co-ordinating clinics. The team is also responsible for issuing prescriptions and dealing with any queries relating to them.

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