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Though it seems impossible, skin blemishes can be treated with some simple home remedies, using ingredients that are readily available in the kitchen. The following are some of the best home remedies that can keep your face free from blemishes. The jamun (Indian plum, Syzygium cumini) is one of the best remedies to treat all kinds of facial problems including blackheads, pimples, marks on the face, etc. Facial blemishes cure - This is a slightly long, but a sure remedy to take care of facial marks, and it works on any kind of blemishes. Take some masoor daal (red lentils), chiraunji (Buchanania latifolia) and yellow mustard in equal amounts. Facial blemishes treatment - Put some masoor daal (red lentils) in ghee and roast it thoroughly. The humble potato has very effective benefits in removal of skin blemishes, and even moles and warts. Make a paste of some two teaspoonfuls of turmeric powder in the juice of a lemon, freshly squeezed. Another good home remedy for removing facial blemishes is to take a glassful of water and soak in it four almonds. If you can stand it, you can apply some egg white (not the yolk) on your face before going to bed each night.
Facial blemishes remedy - Finally, you must bear in mind that skin blemishes do occur due to some fault in your body constitution. Facial gymnastics program is planned to be an easy-to-use program in the comfort of your home. Rebecca works full time for Mr Wareing and can be contacted during normal working hours, five days a week.
Dr Kamran Ahmad is a Consultant Anaesthetist who works with Mr Wareing at Barts and The London as well as in private practice.
Mr Ian Sabin is a Consultant Neurosurgeon who works jointly with Mr Wareing at The Royal London Hospital, where they run a combined Skull Base and Acoustic Neuroma clinic on a monthly basis and receive referrals from around the southeast of England.

However, due to some climatic, dietary and hormonal conditions, the quantity of melanin could be increased in some or all parts of the skin.
These can spoil the entire appearance of the face and can lower the self-esteem of a person.
But often, people use the synthetic cosmetics available in the shops and harm their skins further. Take seven parts of camphor extract, two parts of almond extract, one part of sandalwood and thirty parts of rose water.
Take 40 grams of the extract of almond, 15 grams of the extract of soap nut, five parts of rice and six parts of myrrh.
Mix about one teaspoonful each of milk powder, honey and lemon juice and add to it a half teaspoonful of almond oil.
Having worked as his PA and Practice Manager for over 10 years, she has reduced her workload but still retains a key role in ensuring efficient practice management in all spheres. He has an NHS practice at the Royal National Nose Throat and Ear Hospital, Grays Inn Road and has extensive experience in all aspects of ENT Anaesthesia.
Remember that a skin that has already been spoiled by cosmetics cannot be rejuvenated by any of these home remedies.
First mash the sandalwood to a past and then crush the almond to a somewhat coarse consistency.
Apply this mixture of liquids on the face and then wash it off after about ten to fifteen minutes. At the same time, it will prevent the hyper pigmentation that causes the skin to become darkened. She has extensive experience as a Medical PA, previously working for a leading OMFS surgeon for 18 years. He is a particular authority on the difficult airway and the use of the laryngeal mask in ENT Anaesthesia and lectures extensively both nationally and internationally on ENT Anaesthesia.
He has particular expertise in the Neurosurgical aspects of Skull Base Surgery and a wealth of experience in the use of Gamma Knife Radiosurgery.

In order to obtain the maximum benefits of these home remedies, you will need to keep your body quite healthy and fit. Then in the morning, mash the seeds in the water so that their extracts are exuded into the water. A regular use of this treatment will keep all the skin blemishes away and give you a youthfully glowing skin.
This will not be possible to do in the daytime; so keep the potato slices on the skin overnight. This will remove all kinds of blemishes that are present on the face and make the skin lighter. She ensures the highest standards of administrative care and advice for all Mr Wareing’s patients. His areas of interest include Skull Base Surgery, Cervical Spine Surgery,  and the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia and pituitary tumours. Since the face is a part of the entire body, total physical health is required to keep the face healthy. Rebecca is responsible for the day to day running of the practice and co-ordinates the booking of appointments, organisation of any tests required, and admission for surgical procedures. Private patients requiring both ENT and Neurosurgical expertise are seen individually by both Mr Wareing and Mr Sabin and are then discussed jointly by the Consultant to ensure optimisation of management, in conjunction with patient desires. She is highly dedicated to ensuring that all aspects of your care are dealt with in an efficient and caring manner, easing the path back to full health. Many of Mr Wareing’s patients pass comment on her helpful and organised approach to their care. This is enough to remove all the existing marks on the face, and also to keep the skin looking more zestful and vibrant.

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