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Hay fever (allergic rhinitis) is most common in springtime when large amounts of allergy-producing pollens are in the air, but can happen at any time in response to a variety of allergens, including house dust and animal hair or fur.
TASCO offers an extensive line of earplugs designed to provide comfort, compliance and protection. Therma-Soft 30™ Premium PVC FoamMade by TASCO in the USA - Super Quality and Pricing! Manufactured from dependable PVC foam, these Therma-Soft 30™ earplugs are much softer than the competition. The RD-1 Tracker™ is the only reusable, traceable molded earplug offered at competitive prices. Each pair has an opening into the nose to allow air in and out, and to drain the mucus that is produced in the linings of the sinuses to keep them clean. Sinusitis can also block the Eustachian tube, which connects the middle ear to the back of the nose, causing temporary loss of hearing and sometimes earache. The cold virus causes the nasal linings to swell, and mucus production to increase, preventing effective drainage of the nose.

From the new Therma-Soft 30 foam earplug to our family of re-useable pre-molded earplugs and ear-bands, TASCO hearing protection will make sure you STAY PLUGGING IN! Favored for many years, the Tri-Fit is color coded by size (green = small, orange = medium, blue = large). Sinusitis occurs when these openings become blocked by excess mucus, as a result of infections such as the common cold or allergies like hay fever. Bacteria can happily breed in this mucus, sometimes leading to a severe infection with a thick yellow or green discharge.
Designed with an inserter and long stem for more hygienic insertion and secure fit, the RD-1 is an excellent alternative to disposable or other reusable plugs. It is available with or without cord in Zip-loc bags, 100 pair per dispenser or plastic cases 20 pair per dispenser. The pain is a result of stress being exerted on the eardrum and middle ear tissue as the plane drops from high atmospheric pressure to low atmospheric pressure. Extended length allows for quick and simple removal and makes earplug more visible from a distance.

Available corded or uncorded, packed in bags 100 pair per dispenser or plastic cases, 50 pair per dispenser. This stretching of the eardrum is also responsible for the impaired hearing that comes with airplane ear. Symptoms of Airplane Ear Airplane ear can occur in one or both ears, with varying degrees of pain or discomfort from one ear to the other. If your symptoms, especially pain, persist for longer than one or two hours, you should call an ENT specialist. [caption id="attachment_81702" align="aligncenter" width="470"] Airplane ears can also be caused or made worse by a cold or allergy because the swollen nasal membranes can effectively block the opening of the Eustachian tubes. The sucking movement helps activate the muscles that open the tubes, helping prevent air from being trapped inside the middle ear and allowing your tubes to do their jobs in transferring air. [caption id="attachment_81707" align="aligncenter" width="470"] It can be near impossible to get a small child to yawn and calm down while enduring a painful in-plane earache, which is why handing them a cup with a straw to suck through is an effective remedy for children.

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