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Vicky Pryce, the economist convicted of taking speeding points for disgraced cabinet minister Chris Huhne, is writing a book inspired by her time behind bars. Don Quixote is "brimming over with anecdotes and digressions", says Dr Alexander Samson, lecturer in Spanish "golden age" literature at UCL, "the kind of thing that one might experience a great deal of" while twiddling thumbs and chewing the fat with fellow inmates. Oscar Wilde's 50,000-word letter to his ex-lover, Lord Alfred Douglas, was written in 1897, towards the end of a two-year sentence for gross indecency, and published posthumously as De Profundis - Latin for "from the depths". Skirmishes flare between supporters and opponents of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump as he visits the city of San Diego in California.
Dustin owner of Anchor Tattoo in Bryant, AR!with silver Miao plugs and an Aztec obsidian labret!
Paddy from Body Shock in Dublin, Ireland, was so sad about his white teflon labret, he finally got this horn one from us! Aaron from WI!Wears two bamboo plugs through one piercing; he loves that they don't make his ears stink! What can people glean about life inside from books written by prisoners?Pryce's book Prisonomics will explain the economics of imprisonment.

He cites Jeffrey Archer, who was imprisoned for perjury and published a detailed account of the experience. True Blue(?), Austinwith huge custom ebony hollow saddles that I could've worn as bracelets!
Dwelling on the past is therefore "very typical of prison literature".Wilde analysed his downfall in detail. Our fully qualified and friendly staff offer help and advice on the benefits of our treatments and products. During his subsequent stint in a debtors' prison, he claims to have conceived the book that would become the most influential novel in the Spanish language. He imagined himself in a prolonged debate with the concept of philosophy, embodied in female form. But James believes that Pryce's book, informed by her background in economics, could be a much-needed catalyst for change. I became the spendthrift of my own genius, and to waste an eternal youth gave me a curious joy."The "opulence" of the letter's language, which is full of "internal rhymes, lush purple poetic prose, and very long sentences", represents the "direct opposite of the hideous conditions in prison", Wright contends.

It might not weaken your political convictionsBirmingham, Alabama, was once the "most thoroughly segregated city in the United States", Martin Luther King argued.
Oh stupidest of mortals, if it takes to standing still it ceases to be the wheel of fortune."In the narrative of the Consolation of Philosophy, the resulting blend of poetry and prose, Boethius transforms from a snivelling wretch to a more enlightened soul, having been convinced that his comprehensive downfall is part of God's plan. After being arrested there in April 1963 and locked up for 11 days for leading a civil rights march, King composed the lengthy "letter from Birmingham jail" to rebut criticism from eight white clergymen who had accused him of being a meddling outsider. You can get used to itMuch recent prison literature might seem more humdrum - diaries abound. But for Prof David Wilson of Birmingham City University they are invaluable subjects of scrutiny, shedding light on a hidden world. As I sit here in this dark cell in convict clothes, a disgraced and ruined man, I blame myself.

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