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These two days,my good friend who like jewelry buys a lot of fashion jewelry on the internet. Tag what you see on the picture : clothes, celebrities, bloggers, series, movies and brands. My piercing addiction started when I was 19 and I was out of my parents house and they could no longer tell me no tattoos and no piercings. In okajewelry, some of the ear cuff earrings can be sold 400-500 pieces per month,the most hot and popular one are more than 900 pieces.Since the price is cheap, a lot of people usually buy several colors together, or buy a color pairs so that they can be matched with different clothes.
Because in a series of jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, bracelets, etc,the price of the earrings is relatively cheap among the same quality of a single product.
There are a number of things that you should consider when planning to pierce you ears such as the risks of infection, painful that you may feel, healing process, and the ear piercings types. When I turned 21 for my birthday I got my nipples pierced, that was the most memorable of all my piercings, pain doesn’t bother me much but OUCH piercing your nipples hurt but its worth it in the end. I really wanted them pierce and there was no shop to go to, so my mother decided to pierce them. Because when people are face to face, the first hit is always the face and earrings occupy perfect location. Unlike lobe piercing which only needs more or less 1 month to heal, helix may needs more than 6 months.

Since then I have gotten 13 more tattoos and 8 more piercings and I don’t think I am anywhere near done yet. Today, I have hundreds of pairs (between a necklace or earrings, I always go for the latter!). This kind of earrings are perfect for pierced or non-pierced ears and is designed for single ear and wearing an earring can be able to play multiple roles such as hair accessories and headwear.It is reasonable for ear cuffs to become hot and popular since it is exaggerated and not so expensive. Make sure you ask a professional to get the piercing done to avoid any infections that many happen. She had me lay down across her lap, she put ice on my ears to help numb them and she slid the needle through and followed that up with the earring.
My mom took me to this family-owned hair dresser business in a tiny shopping center, where they also did ear piercings.
I do not have any other body piercings but my earlobes were very memorable for me because my mother did the piercing so each time I look at my earrings it reminds me of my mother. I thought about getting a second hole put in but I’m not sure if I should do that just yet. Therefore, it is less painful to get ear piercings done on that area compared to other areas in ear. I do remember the lady checked my ears a hundred times to make sure the dots were even, though!

Perhaps it is because the area is large enough so that there is enough space to have more than one hole with more than earrings too.
A gun is widely used to make ear lobe piercing because it is less painful then using needle. While other piercing types may need 2-12 months to heal, you will need only 6 weeks or even faster to heal. My senior year of college was another milestone, but it was made more special by bringing my experiences thus far full-circle. So…after attending tons of grad school interviews with me, and giving 21 years of unending support, encouragement, and love through my life and school time, my mom and I got our third hold together. I’m still getting piercings for various occasions, but that one will always be my favorite (and I still wear gold hoops!).

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