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The revolutionary disposable ear piercing units are made by professional medical devices manufacturer to eliminate the possible cross-infection and inflammation while ear piercing. The traditional way for ear piercing is to use reusable steel gun to shoot an unsterilized ear stud into the earlobe. More than 90% applications have been reported inflammation, simply because the ear studs are not sterilized. It is individually packed and sterilized by EO gas according to the highest medical requirement.

Some operators may use alcohol to disinfect the ear stud, which does not work as alcohol can only kill grown bacteria, not bacteria spore. It is designed mechanically so easy to use that you can even do the ear piercing by yourself!
Another problem is that the reusable gun is very likely contaminated by blood and become the media for blood transmitting diseases including hepatitis and HIV. The disposable ear piercing units are developed by medical professionals to tackle both problems.

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