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AnswerSee your healthcare provider for treatment if signs of infection have persisted and not gotten better, especially since a lump recently appeared.
Distributor and Body Art expert for SciCan StatIM sterilization and infection control products. Is your piercing infected?These days, ear piercing and belling button piercing has become quite common. In addition, the person doing the piercing usually applies an anti-septic and anti-bacterial gel before and after the piercing.The piercing professional also uses clean needles so that person-to-person transfer of infection is limited.
Despite all efforts and precautions, some people end up getting infected because of piercing. How to tell if your ear piercing is infected?It is normal for your piercing to hurt, look pink and swell initially. Here are some sure signs and symptoms that you have an infected nose or ear following the piercing. If you have done the ear piercing or nose piercing yourself, then the risk of getting the wound infected is very high. How to Use Hydrogen PeroxideFirst and foremost, don't remove your jewelry from the infected area.
You may have to repeat the application many times a day because hydrogen peroxide doesn't stay on skin for too long.
Changing the ringYou will need to be a little patient while changing the ring in an infected area. Precautions to Avoid Infection after piercingIf you are getting piercing done for the first time, read these tips. When you are changing the ear-ring, dip it in hydrogen peroxide or alcohol so as to make sure there is no infection on the ring.
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Indeed, there is archaeological evidence proving that ear piercings go back to ancient Persia where men used to wear earrings. Fast forward in time and, another popular moment in history for ear piercings was in the 1590s during the English Renaissance where earrings were very fashionable among courtiers and gentlemen.
In addition to withstanding the test of time, ear piercings have also spanned all cultural and social groups.  Males, females, young, adults, professionals, students, executives, pop stars, low, middle and high classes and almost all ethnic groups pierce their ears. It is so common nowadays to get an ear pierced that we can safely say that ear piercings have gone mainstream. Now that you know a little bit of the history of ear piercing, as well as how to take care of it, you should also become familiar with the different types of ear piercings available. Here are a few examples of ear piercings that we have performed at our 514 Ink Montreal Piercing and Tattoo shop.
QUESTION: I've had my cheeks pierced for four years now with no problems other than the occasional infection while they were healing, but now that they've healed I haven't had any trouble. This looks like it could either be scar tissue that developed from previous infection or a sort of pimple that has formed in reaction to irritation.

The following ear piercing tips will help you wind up with piercings you love and avoid infection.
It's important to choose hypo-allergenic jewelry made from either 14 karat gold or surgical stainless steel for your first set of earrings. Clean your piercings twice a day with mild soap or the cleanser provided by your piercing professional.
Although hydrogen peroxide and alcohol both kill germs, they can also make your skin dry and tender.
Healing will be a little quicker if you keep the skin from adhering to the surrounding skin.
If you like the look of gauges, tunnels and plugs, understand that it takes a while to increase the size of your piercings.
Although you may hear that it takes less time, ear lobe piercings typically take about six weeks to fully heal. The area may feel warm, and you could almost feel your blood pulse against your skin near the infected area. You may feel little over-sensitive about the skin around the infected area, and would want to protect it from any touch. While internet is a good source of information, it is always advisable to speak with your doctor if you experience any of the symptoms of infection mentioned above, especially fever. It is also one of the oldest known forms of body modification dating back thousands of years. Also, according to the Bible, during the times of Moses, Israelites sons and daughters wore earrings as well. If you are interested in getting en ear piercing, just make sure to follow the do’s and don’ts of ear piercings.
It is the one piercing that bloomed during the 80’s and it is also the least painful ear piercing because it is located where there is fewer nerve endings than the rest of the ear and contains no cartilage.
This one ear piercing needs to be done carefully by a professional since it is a tricky place and needs to be done cleanly on the cartilage.
Interested in getting an Ear Piercing?  Get your own at 514 Ink Montreal Tattoo & Piercing Shop Today! Possibly the jewelry surface finish or closure could not be smooth enough, and could be upgraded to anodized ASTM F136 titanium.
This can pose some challenges with proper placement of your piercings, especially when the lobes are involved. Titanium is a good choice for your future jewelry, but many professionals say to wait until your piercings are healed before using this metal. It's better to rinse your piercings with plain saline solution or a commercial ear piercing cleaner to promote healing.
Rotate post earrings and barbells once a day, and gently slide hoop styles back and forth once. It can be traced back to thousands of years, and many aboriginal and tribal groups have been piercing various body parts for centuries.

However, in few cases, your ear or nose may have developed infection during or after piercing. Don't confuse this with minor swelling following piercing, which is our body's natural reaction to the wound. In fact, you should consult a doctor anyway, before carrying out any home treatment for piercing infection.
Ideally, you should go back to your piercer for the first cleaning, and use that opportunity to change rings. These are great tips about how to use ACV as hair fall treatment.Beautiful Skin With Apple Cider VinegarApple Cider Vinegar is very effective for skincare, removing acne and warts.
By the 1980s, almost all male popular music performers and many professional athletes had their ears pierced as well. What is fun is that it allows for a big range of variety of gems and it can be very subtle and classy. I've been washing it every day, I've tried tea tree oil, saline water baths, TCP, hydrogen peroxide solution, antiseptic ointment and even prescription antibiotic ointment and nothing seems to make a difference.
Ears should always be pierced by a professional, either in your doctor's office or at a reputable shop. An experienced piercer will make a quick measurement to help decide where the holes should go. Avoid less expensive earrings made from nickel that are likely to irritate your fresh piercing, and wear your premium starter post earring set until you're fully healed. Read these recipes for using ACV as natural skin tonic.How To Detox With Apple Cider Vinegar DietFrom weight loss to hair fall, apple cider vinegar diet delivers many health benefits including fighting heart issues, diabetes, cholesterol and even cancer. Then, by the 1990s, American celebrities were wearing earrings in both ears and this became a huge trend during that whole decade. It excretes sebum occasionally and I thought that it might have been sebum trapped under the healed skin, but I'm at a loss for what to do. This offers a stronger chance of staying healthy as well as having the holes placed evenly. If you choose, the piercings can be placed so the earrings look even with each other even if they aren't in exactly the same area of each lobe. The gauge must be inserted slowly to stretch rather than tear the piercing, and you should wait until the hole is fully healed before moving up to the next size gauge. Because you don't wish to leave the wound open, buy your jewelry before going for piercing. If you have already got piercing done and are wearing steel ring, don't take it out until you have found gold or white silver ring.
Leaving the wound open will only aggravate the infection, or increase the risk of infection if there isn't any.

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