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From rockstars to advance men, metrosexuals to rurosexuals, brawny hunks to boys next door, ear piercings for men is no more off-limits. Ear Lobe Piercing: If you're going for piercing for the first time, go for this one as it is the most common type of ear piercing for guys. Helix Piercing: Unlike other types of piercings where a piercing gun can be used too, only a sterile needle can be used to pierce the helix, in the upper cartilage of the ear. Conch Piercing: Inner or outer, both ways, the piercing is done at the center of the ear cartilage. Industrial Piercing: This one's yet to become prominent among masses, as it calls for a lot of care, and takes at least a year to heal. Rook Piercing: It is done on the thick cartilage lying between the inner and the outer conch of the year, above the ear canal. Daith Piercing: It's the sassiest addition to the class of cool ear piercings, and indeed, complicated. Maintain proper hygiene both prior to and post getting pierced as freshness renders an all new vigor to your new experience of getting pierced.
Also known as Yantra, it originates in Thailand where it is commonly practiced, this is also common in Myanmar. Bamboo tattooing is the art of tattooing using very fine needles attached to the end of a thin piece of bamboo. With bamboo tattooing, the skin is punctured but not torn, which results in a significant reduction in pain and bleeding.
Bamboo tattoos are recommended for delicate areas to tattoo such as feet, which are not ideal areas for the machine to tattoo due to inevitable rubbing and fading caused by wearing socks and footwear.
Pastel colors, plush dolls, and everything cute may seem childish but the kawaii movement is much more. This big underlying point in kawaii culture is not to cultivate a woman’s sex appeal, but for her to be cute and beautiful rather than sexy. National Piercing Day is the day where the art of body piercing is celebrated and promoted. Some of us choose to pierce for reasons like fashion or rebellion, others choose the more spiritual justification of the past.
Women’s History Month became an official celebration in 1987, which also happens to be the year I was born. Even though women’s rights movers and shakers have accomplished so much in the past, women today are still fighting for an equal place within society. Feminism is its name, and the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men is its game!
Ladies, we’ve still got a lot of work to do, but we can do it! Whether you choose to identify with feminists or not, one thing we can all agree on is WOMEN ARE AWESOME. In the interest of maintaining culture sensitivity, a number of organizations have promoted the clear separation of kirituhi and traditional moko, as well as education concerning the sacred significance of the true moko art form.  Those who continue this amazing school of tattoo art are preserving a truly beautiful and humbling outward emblem of the inward identification with a rich and amazing Polynesian heritage. I have had my vertical tragus pierced for several years now, but have neglected changing the jewelry because it is so hard to find anything for it.
If you have a look at Anatometal or Industrial Strengths sites and see something you like, you can set up a custom order for it through BAF even if it isn't listed here.
If you want to share an image on a message board, upload it to tinypic, photobucket, flickr, etc. You're not supposed to put a straight barbell in a surface piercing, you're supposed to use a staple kind of shape, as far as I understand it.
In the picture it does look pretty superficial, but its in there good, at least i think because i can tug on it.

Oh that does not look good You should definitely take that out and get it pierced properly, with a 90 degree surface barbell, by a competent piercer.
Ever wonder what they call a piercing through the upper rim or on the outer edge of the ear?
So you know exactly where you want that ring or stud, but not quite how to put it into words? Dont forget snakebites, dimple peircings, one bottom lip peircing straight in the middle of the bottom lip.
Is it true that you can get a small slit in your skin,put a dimond or other gem in it and then it will heal over and the dimond or whatever will be sealed inside you skin?
I guess you could, but it would work it’s way of your body or possibly cause an infection. The lobe is punctured, and either a barbell or a stud is an appropriate choice to adorn it.
Since it is done in the inner cartilage of the ear, it takes lesser time to heal in comparison to a tragus piercing. It is done in the upper cartilage of the ear, and a single piercing is made to pass through two holes. It is somewhat painful as the needle passes through the thick cartilage, and may take up to a year to heal. It is primarily done in the outer rim of the cartilage of the ear, which lies closest to the head.
However, make sure you have a high level of tolerance for the pain (apologies for terrifying you!). Just keep a note of the points under ear piercing aftercare, and I'm sure you'll enjoy changing studs and earrings every once in a while. Also, this area is very thin skin over bone, which is widely known to be a very painful area to tattoo. In 1974, Japanese women mostly in the teen aged group, rejected the traditional style of handwriting. Japan is known for being a very strict culture and kawaii was a way to throw off the strict formalism that prevails over society. Whatever your reason, if you’re considering getting a piercing, today’s the day to do it! Women’s History Month is a time to celebrate past struggles and achievements of women, but also to raise awareness of gender issues in modern society. After American occupying forces reinstated the tattoo’s legality following World War II, the stigma surrounding visible ink remained, and even today there are establishments in Japan that refuse entry or service to tattooed individuals.
If it's a surface piercing, a curved barbell is the wrong jewelry for it, and it will likely reject and lead to harsh scarring.
I took a picture and I can't figure out how to get it on here (on a mac computer so i'm not sure how to do so on here). The top hole is where the tear is so it looks like the actual skin is shorter in the front than from another angle.
It goes through the little bit of skin in the middle of the cartilage and the front of the nose.
Just so you know, the art of piercing among men has been predominant for thousands of years now, and the Holy Bible has a reference to ear piercing too. Guys who're audacious enough can go for this one as it is meticulously done on the cartilage flap, and looks simply awesome.

Therefore, I'll conclude my piece of information on men's ear piercings, and would suggest you to 'pierce' the boring stuff, thereby, introducing that vogue in your style! The needles are put in a line instead of gathered in a round pattern,  so that a very fine line can be achieved. This popular fashion movement encompasses personal appearance, behavior, food, toys, clothing and entertainment. If it's through the actual tragus, you can order jewelry through BAF, even stuff that's not listed. As awesomeselflover said, a curved barbell is inappropriate for that and will lead to rejection.
But it is not through my actual tragus, I looked up the name of the piercing because I didn't know what it was called and that's the name i came up with. Tinypic is nice because you don't need an account, but then you have no way to delete the image later. This section of the glossary will help you figure out exactly what to tell the piercing professional you want pierced.
Today, ear piercing is looked upon as a fashionable and trendy accessory that makes a personal statement, and not as some amulet to shove away monsters or Satan! And because there is less trauma to the the skin, there is less bleeding which can push the color out of the skin. Related to this is the Lolita style, which is much like a pastel version of the Victorian look including: lace, parasols, petticoats, bloomers, and bows. In  many cultures across the world, in both today’s society and the past, body piercing is practiced and respected. Many male hip-hop artists have as many as ten to fifteen piercings which they accessorize differently. The girls began obscuring their words when speaking, mimicking a child learning to talk and often referred to themselves in the third person. Earrings and nose rings had their place in Ancient Egypt, lip and tongue piercings date back to African and American tribal cultures. I've had a curved barbell through it for years, other than a small tear incident its been fine (it has a little tear on the top hole, barely noticeable from catching my ring on it one morning) but I believe you about the rejection part because my friend had it done the same time and hers rejected. Over the years, ear piercings for guys have become a state-of-the-art acclamation with various styles of piercings being done at various locations on the ear.
Eventually the movement boomed and companies in the ever changing post-war Japan took notice. Due to all these factors, there’s no problem going into the sun immediately following the bamboo method of tattooing. They began by introducing their line of stationary, which served as a perfect canvas for the new kawaii font or kitten writing. This varies person to person, some find it to be more so than machine tattooing, it all depends on your body and the area you are tattooing.

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