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While viewing any Flickr photos page, click on the bookmarklet to open the same view on Flickriver. Forward Helix: The portion of the helix that folds forward where the ear meets the side of the face can be pierced on most individuals, which is called a forward helix piercing. Vertical Industrial: This is an industrial that runs vertically across the ear rather than horizontally.

Anti-Tragus: The anti-tragus is the protrusion of cartilaginous tissue just across from the tragus, which can be freely pierced in most individuals. Daith:  A piercing of the crest just above the opening of the ear canal is called a daith, but to be a true daith as originally designed, the piercee must wear a hoop or circular, so that the item appears to emerge from within the ear. Inner Conch: This is a piercing in the concave plane of cartilage at the inside of the ear, below the uppermost ridge. Outer Conch: An outer conch piercing perforates the flatter cartilage above the upper ridge but underneath the helix. Rook: Last but not least, the rook is a piercing of the upper cartilage ridge, usually worn with a curved barbell.
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But there’s another type of person out there, a person who decides to make their ear lobes really freaking big, and then stick things into those big ear flesh tunnels.
Check out the most WTF pictures of strange ear piercings and things stuffed in gauged flesh tunnels! (source)(source)(source)(source)(source)(source)(source)(source)(source)(source)(source)(source)(source)(source)(source)(source)(source)(source)Would you put your pet in your ear lobe?

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