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Another thing to mention here is that lip piercing can be hazardous for your teeth and gums, if you wear jewelry that is not an initial piece.
Lip Piercing can undoubtedly look beautiful and stylish, but there are cases when lip piercing is really terrible! Mona Liz is a beauty and healthy lifestyle enthusiast with a passion for writing, music, cats, fitness, and food.
I just recently got my lip pierced last month, and it’s really not that big of a deal. What’s so good about pieces of metal stuffed into our so soft tissues that happens to be called skin. You might as well mutilate yourself going even further until you’ll rip big chunks of your skin off. I’m nearly 16 and i really want my lip done but my sister told me that good piercing shops either wait till your 18 or you need your parents concent? I just got my lip peirced on the lower right, 3 days ago, not gunna lie, it hurt when the needle went threw, and when he put the jewlry in. The forceps helped numb my lip a little bit, but to be honest the piercing itself felt like it was tearing my skin. Do you guys just say it doesnt hurt because you already got it done, or does it really not hurt? Without constant contact, the receding of your gums is subtle but it is still occuring while you have exposed metal in your mouth.. We have this big week of festivities (VEISHEA!!) coming up on April 13th, would i be ok to drink by then??
Well, you see, i have my monroe pierced, and my nose, and both of these piercings i did myself, and neither one got infected. I really wanna get my lower lip pierced and so i go and tell my dad that i want to get it done. But you know what, that’s how things go, you learn from your mistakes you make in the past. When you get any piercing its not supposed to hurt,if it does they might be doing it all wrong. I came home from a long weekend away from home with another thing done to my body and my parents couldnt even look at me. In response to a different post-yes if you have a piercing done in a professional shop they will make you wait til you’re 18 or have your parents consent.
I want to get my lip pierced in the next few days but my mom says that in a few years and i don’t wont it anymore i will have a whole in my lip.
Hey… I have wanted snakebites for a while now and I went with my best friend to have his lip pierced the other day… It made me want mine more but my only concern is that I have really small lips, do you think it would look strange? I took out my lip and my nose piercing at least 3 years ago after having each for about a year or so. When i got my lip done i got my teeth cleaned right before as well, and i think that it will help with swelling and infection… i never had my lip swell or get infected. Similarly, I have seen plenty of people who in my eyes look significantly worse once the lances have done their work. I recently had pierced my lip and now I can’t enjoy the taste of food anymore, that metal taste has fully compromised the integrity of my taste buds.

Im looking for a lip ring with a Double ball lip ring….that will fit in the middle of my lip? I want to get my lip pierced, but I am under 16 and worried that maybe i will make the wrong decidtion, but I have to say it looks coool! HEY um… im thinking about getting my lip done on the bottem left side, should I do it? Ask your parents about it, perhaps they will not object that you have a lip pierced as long as it’s safe, at a professional salon.
Look, even having pierced a lip by a professional I still got it inflamed and rejecting the ring although I was very careful with it. I’d advice you to ask your parents or wait until you are old enough to go to a clean PROFESSIONAL salon for a lip piercing. I was thinking about getting the bottom of my lip pierced, but I don’t know if it will look right on me so how can I tell? For those who are still hesitating whether to make lip piercing or not, at first look at extremelly TERRIBLE LIP PIERCING and discuss it with others in order to make a sound desicion!!! Unless you’re a lazy slob and let it get infected just because you decide not to brush your teeth twice a day.
It really bugged my gums the first couple days and the piercer recommended I brush my gums upwards (in the direction of growth) with a soft toothbrush when I brush my teeth. It was really swollen, but eating ice chips is good for that, it makes it feel better aswell. Some people say that as long as you take care of it like your supposed to, then you’ll be fine. If you are extra cautious (clean and brush diligently) you can greatly minimize or eliminate this possibility completely. It IS a good idea to look at ALL medical aspects before getting a piercing and go into all the piercing parlors in your area and asking a lot of questions and taking in the care they put into their shop as well. I was wondering cause people say take it out if you don’t like it, will it close up completely so you won’t see it anymore? Alot of people dont like it but the way I look at it is its my body and I have to live with it. The problem is that my dad is a plastic surgeon and he deals with people who get tattoos and piercing years before and who want the scars or tattoo removed.
I have four tattoos my belly button pierced and I recently had angel bites done but I took them out.
I could care less because that is how they acted when I got my 3 recent tattoos, the first one they loved though.
It is hard to get used to at first while you are eating and it gets stuck on your tooth occasionally but you get used to it! I have my lip eyebrow and ears guaged to a 2 I went from 14g to 2g on my ear in about 30 minutes so about pain I think its probably up to the person getting the piercing tbh, none of my piercings hurt much but tbh the most difficult to take care of was my lip, but infection can almost 99% of the time be prevented (again it could Jus be up to your body cuz Ur skin can just reject it) but anyway use , non alchohal mouth rinse and brush your teeth and turn your jewlery and if yu do get infection DO NOT TAKE IT OUT. I have had it pierced twice before but took it out because I was worried about others opinions.
Soooo im 14 have had my lip pierced for about 5-6 months never had a problem with it i did everything basically you werent supost to do with it lol. I never played with it, had the shortest length possible…and now, I am facing false teeth.

Besides there are numerous consequences you might suffer by getting lip pierced by a non professional like a pierced blood vessel or infection.
The piercing itsself did not really hurt but the next few days I had some significant swelling and some slight pain that I’d probably describe more as some stinging and discomfort. They are so against it, they think its gonna fuck up my life (what the hell?!) and I wont get a job because I wont be sophisticated. The most pain I had was when the guy who pierced it for me put the needle back in to put the shorter stud in, no lie. When you first get it done, your might feel it against your teeth or your gums, but that should go away with the swelling. Im getting my toung done in a few week’s and then i think im gonna get two more on my bottom lip so i have three, satrting from the middle and finishing on the left of my lower lip.
I had to remove the lip one cuz it was irritating the back of my lip and got a blister that didn’t seem to want to go away. I have respect for my parents they done care about tattoos much but piercings on the face they dont like.
My face swelled a very little bit after that but I was like headed after having it done so make sure if you get a piercing that you stay hydrated and have some sugar (I had a sucker…it helped). Can someone please tell me if it is a definite that your teeth will erode and your gums will recede?
If you are ok with having a scar (mine is really tiny you can barely notice unless i point it out)do it! But none of the times I pierced it, did it get infected, and I did them all at home, one with a safety pin.
If you’re starting to notice your gums or your teeth changing or shifting, remove it immediately. You have to be very careful about the pierced area all the time, especially during the healing period. I have a stud in, just a stupid metal ball which i will be changeing to a gem stud as soon as i can. Yea so if you get it, used half listerin and half water after every meal, you SHOULDNT drink alcohol or smoke the day u get it done, but if you MUST make sure with mouthwash right after. However, now that I am facing tooth loss and a $5000 dental bill, I realize that it probably wasn’t worth it. I was also concerned about the gum erosion, and teeth chipping, but I love my piercing so much that I put that in the back of my mind, and just went for it. I cleaned mine with Listerine for three days then changed to saltwater because I ran out of Listerine. I was afraid of it getting infected because loads of people told me it would, if I used saltwater.

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