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You can now get free wi-fi at Sea-Tac Airport, courtesy of Google, which announced Tuesday that it is now sponsoring free wireless access at 47 airports around the US. Residents of the Highline area are invited to a community meeting about airport noise on Wednesday, Aug.
Monday afternoon (June 15th) a class-action lawsuit was filed on behalf of area residents who are upset with Sea-Tac Airport’s third runway against the Port of Seattle, claiming that noise and vibrations from aircraft are over and above what the Port has promised.
Lawyers from the firm Pfau Cochrain Vertetis Kosnoff, PLLC contend that the port mislead residents to believe that the statement in the documents would be followed.
We raced to the airport in hopes of getting a photo, but, alas, we chose the wrong end of the runway, then were thwarted by Port of Seattle security from getting any closer. No cases of swine flu have yet to be reported in Burien, let alone King County or the entire state of Washington, according to Dr. Over 150 area residents turned out Sunday to hear lawyers discuss an upcoming class action lawsuit against the Port of Seattle over the third runway.
Big 757s taking off and landing right over your house can jar nerves and rattle lifestyles, yet a lot of people have to live that way every day a€“ and many are ready to fight on in court.
KOMO News reports that Friday night (April 17th) brought another flurry of laser beam pointing incidents of airplanes heading into Sea-Tac Airport for landings. Residents in the path of Sea-Tac Airporta€™s third runway, negatively affected by increased noise and toxic fumes, are meeting with attorneys on Sunday, April 19th to prepare a lawsuit against the Port of Seattle.
The meeting will be held at 2:30pm, Sunday at the SeaTac Community Center, located at 13735 24th Ave.
Sundaya€™s meeting is a discussion of homeownersa€™ rights, and potential remedies available under the law.

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Comtronics Model-3100 Headset has a 34 dB noise attenuation rating making it one of the quietest passive headsets on the market today. All Comtronics helmets and headsets are designed for high noise environments and open cockpit flying including ultralights, powered parachutes, auto-gyros and all sport planes. Comtronics Model-3100 Headset, Model-3000 Headset, PRO-LITE SUPERIOR STEREO Headset and theCOM-AIR Model-5000 General Aviation Headset can be used by themselves or fitted inside a Comtronics PRO-COM Helmet completing the audio package. This headset uses either ultralight or general aviation audio and has a second pair of speakers for High Fidelity Stereo Music. Options available are a microphone kill-switch on the helmet or headset ear cup or an in-line passenger push-to-talk cable which shuts off the microphone as well.
Comtronics has also designed a Capacitor Kit and In-Line Capacitor Cable for the ICOM-A6 and ICOM-A24 radios.
Other options are Radio Interface Cables, Remote Antennas, Face Shields, Helmet Bags, Foam Wind-Screens, Leather Wind-Screens, Fabric Cloth Skull Caps, Sizing Pads and Coil Cords. 13th), Sound Transit announced that its brand new Link Light Rail train station at Sea-Tac Airport will open at 10am Saturday, Dec. 4th), the Port of Seattle and Alaska Airlines conducted a full-scale snow removal and anti-icing exercise to prepare for the upcoming winter season. 8th) that they arrested three and seized 11 kilograms of cocaine as part of the largest drug bust ever last week at Sea-Tac Airport.

David Fleming, Director and Health Officer for Public Health a€“ Seattle & King County. He was working on an inflatable, remote-controlled helium-filled balloon and listening to some loud 70s progrock when we found him, alone.
While modern ANR headsets do a commendable job of filtering out the most common low-frequency ranges, they leave a lot to be desired with regard to the high-frequency spectrum. Please provide some basic info and we'll do our best to beat the lowest price that you've seen! We offer all UPS and USPS services within the US, and ship with UPS or USPS Express Mail outside the US. Due to these limitations, the simplest solutions are often the best for picking up the slack.
These soft foam ear plugs provide a comfortable, snug seal in the ear canal that blocks out up to 29 dB of potentially harmful noise. They're lightweight and compact enough to wear under a standard aviation headset, as well as in the many circumstances when donning a headset just isn't feasible. An excellent, low-cost item to complement your headset, to hand out to passengers, and to wear during ramp duties like fueling and preflighting.

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