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Radians Deviator™ UF foam ear plugs feature a bell shape, sized to fit most average to larger adults, a high visibility color, and a very soft, low pressure design that offers a comfortable fit for all day or all night wear. Please View Instructions Before You Purchase This Product.Learn about Slic-Sil AntiMicrobial Coating. Perfect-Fit™ Model ER custom ear plugs are similar to Westone Model ES49, except that the Model ER is made in a half shell with embeded filters, while the Model ES49 are made canal only with the filters snapped into the end of the molds. Model ES49 ear plugs into solid custom fit ear plugs which have many uses.The Oto-Blast silicone material we use in making your Model ES49 musician ear plugs is soft and comfortable for long duration wear, can be easily cleaned with warm soap and water, and with proper care will last for years of daily use. See Also:Crescendo Ear Balm Custom Earmold LubricantCrescendo Ear Balm formula with soothing aloe and other natural ingredients, significantly enhances the comfort of inserting, wearing, and removing custom and reusable ear plugs. A do-it-yourself impression kit and free Priority Mail shipping (US addresses only) are included.

Both are secure, but the Model ES49 is a slimmer style while the Model ER offers more protection for the filters.
In the presence of dangerously loud noise the Noise Braker acts to prevent hearing damage from extremely loud noises including gunfire, nail guns, concert music, wind noise on motorcycles and many noises commonly encountered in manufacturing environments. Please send me a free kit.I have or will get impressions locally and send to you within 2 weeks.
Designed specifically for use with full custom earpieces of all kinds and is sterile and unscented. They fit perfect and seem to protect my hearing just fine and I can still hear other noises (talking, leaves, etc.). I was disappointed, although I am quite pleased after having a chance to use them in a challenging environment (Mahler 5th Symphony with the trumpets directly behind me).

I kept trying to justify the price to myself for years, as I drummed in a plethora of different-style bands. I finally caved because I was tired of being at a show (my own or someone else's) and trying to easily remove and re-insert my foam earplugs. I'd also mention that I did open-mouth (bite block) impressions because I sing sometimes as well; If you're not at all planning to sing I would do a closed-mouth impression, as the plugs will be more comfortable in general that way. A closed-mouth grin does feel sort of weird with mine in, but it's certainly not painful or anything.

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