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Earplugs are made to go directly into your ear canal and provide a seal to muffle sounds to your ear drums. Finally, you have semi-insert earplugs which consist of two earplugs held over the ends of the ear canal by a metal or plastic band. Ear muffs create a seal around the outside of the ear to prevent noise and other sounds from reaching the inner ear.
The passive earmuffs use acoustic foam inside the cups to prevent sound from reaching the inner ears. Properly fitted earplugs provide better hearing protection or blocking than earmuffs because it has a better seal to the inner ear. According to the American Industrial Hygiene Association, most workers choose earplugs over earmuffs.

On the flip side, many people prefer ear muffs to earplugs because of they are easier to wear and can easily fit on a person’s head. While they’re easier to put on, they also don’t provide the same level of hearing protection other earplugs do. The earplugs actually seal an area called the pinna (outer projecting ear) better than the muffs do, but a lot of people don’t properly insert their earplugs…preventing optimal protection. Earmuffs provide more consistent protection because it can fit almost anybody and still protect against a lot of noise exposure. The downside is that it also prevents so much hearing…it could isolate you on a job site. Good rule of thumb: some hearing is needed so other workers can communicate with you in case an issue arises.

Also, people who have thick facial hair or wear thick-rimmed glasses find earplugs a lot more comfortable to them than ear muffs. But for those at a job site, noise can be dangerous and can affect a worker’s hearing if protective measures aren’t used.

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