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As sound enters the outer ear, it is channeled down the ear canal until it reaches the ear drum. Continual, unprotected exposure to noises louder than 85 decibels (dB) for 8 hours or more can be dangerous, and may result in hearing loss. Even brief exposure to gun blasts or jet engine noise can cause pain and permanent injury if your ears are not protected. Superior performance (measured as high Noise Reduction Ratings, or NRR) and most importantly, comfort for the wearer. Here are some recommendations for hearing protection, whether you are a worker, safety director, purchaser, or just someone who knows it is necessary.
Select hearing protection that is right for you, that is comfortable for you, and that you will wear. Following these simple guidelines, you can save your hearing from further hazardous exposure and potential hearing loss.
Hearing preservation in the tree care industry is very important and you can find the items you need to help right here. New medium-sized ear muff provides a high level of noise reduction with a lower profile than the 27NRR peltor ear muffs. This kit offers ear and eye protection that snaps into standard hard hat and helmet attachment slots. Lower profile has a lesser noise reduction rating but shells also don't stick out as far as the 27 NRR ear muffs. Utilizing PTT technology (push-to-talk) the STEINPTT device is a simple but effective communication system. Cold weather products to protect your head and neck in extreme environments featuring HOTTEC warmers that you can slip into any of the Thermo Heat winter liners, work gloves and safety shoes for added warmth. Also see our Thermo-Cool Qwik Coolers to help you stay cool while working in hot environments. The natural warmth and comfort of the heavy Sherpa lining encourages work in the coldest work environments. OSHA 1910.134 Training Packets, NIOSH 42CFR84 product support and application training are available.

WARNING: All Elk River products must be used in a specified manner in which they are intended. Pinnacle ® Tower AL- Six D-rings with a steel D-ring at the chest and aluminium D-ring located at back,hips and saddle. Available with Single D-ring located at center of back or 3 D-Rings, one center of back and 2 on hips. Ideal for applications that require flame resistance, protection against sparks and additional cut resistance like welding, sandblasting, etc.
1 D-Ring with Parachute Mating buckles on chest and leg straps: 95102 Fits Small to Large, 95104 fits Large to Extra Large.
1 D-Ring with Quick-connect buckles on chest and leg straps: 95122 Fits Small to Large, 95124 fits Large to Extra Large. 3 D-Ring with Parachute Mating buckles on chest and leg straps: 95302 Fits Small to Large, 95304 fits Large to Extra Large.
3 D-Ring with Quick-connect buckles on chest and leg straps: 95322 Fits Small to Large, 95324 fits Large to Extra Large.
This complete kit not only includes a harness, lanyard but also an anchoring sling that will allow you to attach to a secure point.
CARABINERS - All Elk River Auto-Locking Carabiners meet the new ANSI standard requiring 3,600 lb. Consists of Tripod assembly, Winch, Winch Bag, One Auto-locking Carabiner, Life Line, Lifting Yoke Lanyard. Consists of Tripod assembly, Self Retracting Lanyard, Winch, WinchBag, Two Auto-locking Carabiners, Life Line, Lifting Yoke Lanyard. Heavy-duty polyester rope bag features carry handles, 2 D-ring attachments at top and drawstring closure top.
We have adopted the use of the figures and symbolsbelow to indicate the suggested use of a particular product. Trailing Rope grab and attached 2' ZORBER® shock pack energy-absorbing lanyard permanently attached to rope grab and lifeline.
TASCO offers an extensive line of earplugs designed to provide comfort, compliance and protection.

Therma-Soft 30™ Premium PVC FoamMade by TASCO in the USA - Super Quality and Pricing!
Manufactured from dependable PVC foam, these Therma-Soft 30™ earplugs are much softer than the competition. The RD-1 Tracker™ is the only reusable, traceable molded earplug offered at competitive prices. Your browser needs to be set to allow Javascript for our site to display prices and other info. Will fit the Petzl Vertex 2, Alveo Vent, Stein Super Plasma, Pacific Kevlar, and other tree climbing helmets with standard ear-muff slots.
Safety and effective for cleaning respirators, hard hat suspensions, and other personal protective equipment. Available with single sliding D-ring located at center of back or with 3 D-Ring style, one sliding D-ring center of back and 2 on hips. Designed for lowering and lifting personnel in and out of confined spaces where a tripod system is required. From the new Therma-Soft 30 foam earplug to our family of re-useable pre-molded earplugs and ear-bands, TASCO hearing protection will make sure you STAY PLUGGING IN! Favored for many years, the Tri-Fit is color coded by size (green = small, orange = medium, blue = large).
Designed with an inserter and long stem for more hygienic insertion and secure fit, the RD-1 is an excellent alternative to disposable or other reusable plugs. It is available with or without cord in Zip-loc bags, 100 pair per dispenser or plastic cases 20 pair per dispenser.
Extended length allows for quick and simple removal and makes earplug more visible from a distance. Available corded or uncorded, packed in bags 100 pair per dispenser or plastic cases, 50 pair per dispenser.

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