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Sign up for free from our main website, no strings attached, no billing information needed. The 2012 warbler hunt which will see me and a photography buddy make four stops on the north shores of Lakes Ontario and Erie has us making our first stop at Presqu’isle Provincial Park near Brighton, Ontario.
Taking a break from the warbler action I manage to catch this SCARLET TANAGER chomping on an insect.
Got a phone call early last evening just as I was stepping out the door for a social engagement. Under heavy overcast and the odd drop of rain, the light is low and  somber, the river hushed.
Contrast plumage above with this winter specimen on the Upper Mississippi in Minnesota in late Fall. Horned Grebe tangled in fishing line on Lake Erie in July of 2007 and condemned to an early death. An early spring outing last week to Chaffey’s Locks netted the opportunity to photograph my first warbler of the 2012 migration season.
Good weather and even better company!  A great opportunity presented itself to significantly improve upon images for two species whose representatives proved unusually cooperative. Scooter sucked in a breath & with a blink he was on his phone calling to get a jet to Canada ready.
As your arms remained wrapped around his neck, his strong arms holding your waist tightly, the torment prevailed.

Leaning your forehead on his, tears pricking at your eyes, you watched as his expression morphed into one of concern, his slow movements stopping as he focused his full attention on you.
Short dresses, high heels, and way too much makeup was the only thing you could see as you watched the man who held your heart begin to be surrounded by the women who had just sent your day into a downward spiral. But as your hand touched the cold metal of the doorknob, James’ voice filtered the air, amplified by the numerous speakers in the room. By now, his lips lay inches from yours; the only thing separating the moment was the microphone between your bodies.
Bookmark this page to see his latest cartoon each week, and peruse the Cartoon Archives of over 400 "Politically Correct" cartoons. Spend considerable time chasing the elusive and spectacular  Blackburnian warbler but no photo ops! Challenge this year will be using new equipment to improve on images already in the archive.
Before the car even parked I was out of the car jogging toward the hospital with Kenny yelling behind me. I slowly opened the door my eyes taking Selena’s small figured asleep on the hospital bed. The hands that once held you in a protective embrace moving to push away your soft brown locks, his thumb finally traced your trembling lip. The under the sea decorations seeming to close in on your shaking form, the two of you were spread apart, the dance floor filling up as the announcements for King and Queen were beginning to start. Their manicured nails touching his chest provocatively, the tears welling up in your eyes clouded your vision as you blindly stepped back. His lips moving along to the words of your favorite song, the crowd seemed to disperse like some cheesy romance movie, leaving the two of you seemingly alone in the huge gym.

His soft smile gracing his lips, he reached to grab the object he had previously mentioned, kissing the silver band before whispering into your ear. Hallelujah, the Red-necked grebe pair is still there, gently cruising up and down the shoreline. I walked over cupping her face rubbing my thumb across her cheek; I closed my eyes trying to keep my tears from spilling over. The comments made earlier by the girls who love to verbally abuse still ringing in your ears, you forgot the whole purpose of this day. As if going in slow motion, you came to the awful thought that they looked so much better with him. His steps echoing against the stacked bleachers as his body moved closer to yours, hazel eyes locked with your own brown orbs as he spoke for all of the student population to hear.
They are symptoms dizziness blackout cold sweat ringing in earspolitical and, indeed, correct.
Tantalizingly, they’re  just metres from the water’s edge on a mile wide stretch of river! I was trying to open my eyes to figure out what had happened & where I was when a soothing voice whispered in my ear. Not noticing the way he looked for you through the crowd that had formed, you stumbled, running straight for the door of the gym and towards the welcoming thought of home.

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