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Promising to cancel out 90% of surrounding noise, the Digital Mimisen Earplugs by King Jim are earbuds with a difference: Stylish, effective, and reasonably priced.
Broh who was the former Acting Mayor of the City of Monrovia, Liberia appears to be either a controversial figure or a grossly misunderstood dedicated and hard-working pubic servant. At most Liberian gatherings, Broh’s name usually surfaces in one form of argument or another. Liberia being portrayed as a country of lawless government officials, to me, is not a laughing matter. In a recent incident in Liberia, Broh clashed again with the Senate over its decision to declare a vote of no confidence against her. Chapter III (Fundamental Rights) of the Liberian Constitution basically states that probable cause is the standard by which an officer or agent of the law has the grounds to make an arrest, to conduct a personal or property search, or to obtain a warrant for arrest, etc.
For this current president, her officials and the senate to sit idle while this buffoonery played out on their watch only proved that they are a bunch of hypocrites and law breakers gone amok. It is clear that Broh’s was a misunderstood, dedicated and hard-working civil servant.
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We live in an ever more noisy and distracting world, but with these in your ears you can concentrate on your task at hand. While the Digital Mimisen cut down on unwanted background noise, they still also allow the wearer to hear important sounds, such as a train station announcement, a phone ringing or someone calling out to you.
The former Acting Mayor resigned on February 28 and submitted her letter of resignation to President Johnson-Sirleaf. Her name almost always comes up followed by an argument with accusation of allege abused of power, including disrespecting, slapping or having a fellow citizen arrested and imprisoned without due process. In an alleged 2012 incident, Broh was accused of abusing her power by slapping and ordering the handcuffed and subsequent arrest and jailing of Nancy Gaye, a law-abiding citizen. Liberian lawmakers hypnotically make the law but yet exempt and give themselves license to break the same law they make. This means you will be able to work in an office with, say, a humming air-con or read in a train with a constant hubbub of talking - but still can hear the things that are necessary. Broh’s resignation allegedly came on the heels of an order by the Liberian House of Representatives to have her arrested and jailed along with the embattled and suspended Superintendent of Montserrado County, Grace Tee Kpaan, for a period of thirty (30) days each. From the many arguments about Broh, one gets the perception that there is a pro-Broh and an anti-Broh camp in the Diaspora.
My knowledge of her is limited to what is reported in the Liberian news and from constantly hearing her name mentioned in Liberian gatherings. It also adds that the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause.
With Liberia’s 2-tier system of justice, lawmakers make the law but exempt and give they and their friend impunity with license to break the same law they made.
The unlawful and wrongful imprisonment in Liberia has not only made the country a laughing stock, but has helped to keep businesses out of the country.
Several plain clothes security officers, including the personal security to Broh and some women group reportedly forcefully pulled away Kpaan from the hands of the Sergeant-At-Arms, Brigadier-General Martin Johnson thus preventing her incarceration at the Monrovia Central Prison.

If Broh was seeking an elected position and I was on her team, I will most certainly suggest she hires a public relations and marketing consultant. The pro-Broh camp sees her as a misunderstood, dedicated and very hardworking civil servant; while, the anti-Broh camp sees her as a controversial and ignorant figure that takes the law into her own hand simply because she is a friend of President Johnson-Sirleaf. Collecting feedback from other people as part of discovering her personal brand (and that is, if she has one), Broh might find out that what she thinks about herself does not exactly line up with how people in Monrovia think about her.
For example, she may think she is doing a damn good job cleaning up the city, but others might see her as an arrogant bully that hides behind her personal relationship with the president or hides behind those questionable thuggish plain clothes security officers assigned to her. These dissonances, as they’re often called by psychologists, are necessary at times, to expose our own shortcomings. Nicole heads to the bathroom and tells Zach that she hopes the people who are looking like fools continue to look like fools. Tweet Derrick says the reason guys are still here is because girls are catty and run their mouths.
His issues are primarily connected to severe ADHD, he’s actually a really really nice guy and super smart. Ia€™ve heard about ADHD but know very little about it (I will to some research) Ia€™m truly sorry about your brother and hope things get better for him and your family.
They are often very smart but get bored easily & are therefore somewhat prone to taking risks or stirring up trouble for the excitement factor.
There is no chance Zach would hurt anyone in there except by accident any more than most people.
When you flip on one switch the charge goes to one wire and then the circuit moves it down the line until you flip the switch off. Normally the brain will re-absorb (re-uptake) the extra serotonin to cut the info going down the line. But with ADD there is no re-uptake of the serotonin and the charge keeps firing even when the brain has moved on to other things.
We tried the meds but they were too dangerous for my son and he found that if he sat at his desk at school he couldn’t even read a full page but if he stood up and rocked back and forth he could do the work.
So if I wanted my son to calm down I just gave him fruit or a candy bar (in a pinch) and he’d crash.
You must think Darwin theory has some merit.Go back and learn something You must think taking meds that lead to more serious problems are the solution.
You work for big pharma The human body when fed properly has no such issues These are all FABRICATIONS of society run amok Take your birth control hormones Your effexor that can lead to death READ some of the side effects to modern medicine and learn something I am only speaking the truth go be blind… 99% of mans problems MAN created (Humans) understand yet?
The other physical injury to his ear is causing tinnitus (ringing in the ear) and I have that. You think mental illness is caused by diet, or how you were raised or any other such nonsense? I think you’re confusing personality flaws (being a brat because you were never told NO) with actual mental illness. Sure there are external (environmental) factors that can increase the risk, but they are not the cause.
The misinformation you are spouting only furthers the ignorance people have about mental illness, thus stigmatizing it.

Clowns read a community college entry level text book of lies and half truths and think they know everything. STUDY SON before you go making a fool of yourself AGAIN just because the ignorant masses thumb you up OR you are offended by the truth doesn’t make you the least bit right.
The MAJORITY supported Hitler in Germany mass conformity means nothing to me, only pursuit of the truth.
If you did you would know that mental disease percentages are pretty consistent across all populations, cultures, & races and that advanced methods in brain research has shown that these are the result of neurotransmitter related differences or malfunctions.
And cry yourself to sleep at night because you have no answers for him besides you love him and think he perfect the way he is. Do you study every ingredient on every piece of food or drink you give him because you heard certain things can make it worse.
Your sweet kind beautiful son who actually scores genius levels on iq test but fails in school because he just can’t get what is in his brain to come out right ( his words) if not, the shut the duck up because you have no idea what you are talking about. He is surrounded by people who love him unconditionally and do everything in their power to help him succeeded.
People like you are why people like my son struggle everyday with feeling less than and judged.
Same on you and shame on you putting your opinions on people with disabilities you know nothing about.
And thank you for everyone speaking up on here to end the hate and non acceptance of people with mental illness and know it is just as serious and psychical illness but judges way more harshly. Hook line a sinker Lance says: August 14, 2014 at 4:25 pmAre you serious, Really, Really, who told you that dumb ill-advised, ridiculous stuff ? If only Victoria could just get it that Derrick has definetly been playing her and making her look bad.
Everything she told Cody got back to Chris Lance says: August 14, 2014 at 4:35 pmYou read what Derrick told Donny, TA needs to stay together for at least 3 more weeks, whata€™s that all about? That is why they gave the clues out late at night, knowing he goes to bed early and not knowing the clues puts him at a disadvantage. I think production knows the show is boring and wants Zack, Frankie, Christine, Cody, Derrick, Cody et al, to start turning on each other sooner, trying to add some excitement. As long as Donnie is there, they are all going to target him week after week, and the boredom continues. Whoever his nominees would go against would likely throw it to make sure he was dethroned & then backdoor him. Of course, if he was nominated, whoever he was paired with for BOB could throw it too (like Caleb last week haha) but at least he’d be guaranteed to play in the POV. I read somewhere that he is not taking his ADHD meds, which could have caused a seizure (depending on the dosage).

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