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Presentation on theme: "Epidemiology and Pathophysiology of Traumatic Brain Injury in Sports David W.
Case continued The next period, JR gets slammed into the corner post of the goal along with the goalie.
Thoughts to Ponder What is the significance of JRs blank stare when he first comes of the ice?
Sports Head Injuries 300,000 sports related concussions per year 1 out of 20 athletes will get a concussion 10% of college and 20% of high school athletes will have a concussion Younger athletes are at higher risk Effects of concussions are cumulative Head injuries account for 65%-85% of all sport related fatalities Costs to society of sports head injury unknown, but overall head injury costs are estimated at $56 billion annually. Consequences of Concussions Immediate Cognitive impairment (attention, memory, slowed reaction time) Somatic problems: Sensitivity to light, dizziness, headaches, etc. Winter Sports – Head Injuries Tobogganing, acrobatic freestyle skiing and tubing also account for high incidence of head injury – rate unknown Number of concussions that do not seek medical attention under-reported and therefore unknown. Helmets Save Brain Football – dramatic reduction in head injuries after new rules about spearing ( 1976) and helmet use (1978).

Second Impact Syndrome Incidence in Football 1980-1993 35 probable cases 17 confirmed 10 others likely Cantu, et al. Second Impact Syndrome - etiology Malignant brain swelling and marked increased intracranial pressures. JR approaches the net for a score when two opposing team players hit him from behind and slam him into the boards.
Immediately after the incident, he is dazed and has minimal recollection of the last period.
In addition to the structural changes listed previously, each concussion can take its toll on cognition.
Second impact syndrome (SIS) First described in 1973 by Schneider Onset usually causes rapid neurological demise, brain swelling, and death.
Due to cerebrovascular congestion, or loss of cerebrovascular auto-regulation Rapid onset – high mortality >50%, morbidity nearly 100% Cantu, et al.

His physical and basic neurological evaluations are normal except for the mini- mental status exam. He is slow to answer, cannot calculate serial sevens, and remembers only 1 word of the five you asked him to remember. He improves his score and is able to remember four out of five words, but still cannot do more than 3 serial sevens and still does not recall any details immediately surrounded the ding.

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