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If your measurement falls between two ring sizes, it is generally recommended to go up to the next size to avoid a ring which is too tight on the finger. While a string can work fine, the best method would be to cut a strip of paper which is about half an inch wide by 4 to 5 inches long and fold it into thirds along the longer axis.
To make ordering the right size ring a little bit easier, we have included a simple method for determining your ring size.
You should also take the nuckle into consideration and realize that fingers can vary a bit in size depending on such factors as temperature and even the time of day.

At this point you can create a paper ring of the proper size which will fit comfortably and slide on and off the finger. If you're stretching correctly you should be at every size after 1 inch, since your tape is only going to add a fraction of a mm per wrap.Hope you guys find this useful. Simply wrap a piece of string or other suitable material around the finger you are wanting to measure, making sure not to wrap it too tightly (a bit of common sense goes a long way here) and then measure the length of the string required to make a single loop around the finger. After you are satisfied that your paper test ring is the correct size, simply cut it so that it can be straightened back out and measured for comparison against the ring sizing chart below.

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