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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Ear Clear was developed to thoroughly wash away built up wax from your ear canal without damaging sensitive ear drums.
Water swirls around in a cyclone motion to work its way behind the ear wax and effectively clear blockages. IMPORTANT: Please note that you must now log in with your email address and not your username! I use a q-tip dipped in paint stripper that I chuck up in a Dewalt cordless reversible drill motor. Originally Posted By Vengeance6661: I sit here with a pain in the right side of my head and a ringing noise in my clogged ear.

Originally Posted By pyromat1c: I have this problem also, go to a Walmart or CVS and buy an ear flush kit. Originally Posted By saigamanTX: Folded over paperclips work well #8 Machine Screw with a rounded tip works well too. The flared tri-sream is doctor designed to be gentle and effective and prevent over-insertion.
Arrow Whacker-Premium EPDM ruber arrow puller: ultra-high grip dimpled surface, outstanding fatigue resistance, Compact and light weight, uv weather, wear resistant.
Also will try and get some pics for you sickos. Get a big ass syringe or a nasal aspirator (big blue squeeze bulb) and a cup. The wax is oil based. I had the problem for a few months and eventually what cured it was the over the counter ear drops and pouring rubbing alcohol in my ear and letting it sit.

Arrrow Whacker- Using the dimpled side, grip your arrow near target surface cleanly and smoothly remove your arrow.
If your Arrow Whacker becomes dirty gently wash with mild detergent and warm water to restore.

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