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Our leading ear wax removal micro suction procedure makes blocked ears a things a thing of the past. If you are suffering from a build up of ear wax which is blocking your ear; causing hearing loss, tinnitus, dizziness or discomfort - then micro suction is the recommended treatment for you. There will be a video otoscopic examination before and after the procedure to show you the results. Completed with the latest equipment you can feel confident micro suction will result in the successful removal of any wax blocking the ear. Micro suction is a very gentle, painless procedure performed by highly skilled audiologists. Please use this form if you have any questions or if you would like to book a FREE hearing test.
Microsuction is a procedure which uses gentle suction to remove excessive or troublesome ear wax or debris from the ear canal. Microsuction is usually well tolerated by most people, it delivers excellent and instant results and tends to be much more effective than any of the traditional wax removal methods.
Usually micro suction does not need pre-treatment with earwax drops, most people will have their earwax removed in one session quite easily without pre-treatment. Micro suction is the preferred method of treatment for both medical professionals and patients alike.
Micro suction is completely comfortable and pain free, in most cases the blockage is removed in a couple of minutes. Only fully qualified and experienced audiologists with additional training in aural microsuction earwax removal are qualified to offer micro suction earwax removal services. If you are interested in  or have any questions about microsuction earwax removal or hearing healthcare in general, give us a call on 01792 650 894. 5 Star CentreWe are the only Hearing Centre in Wales to be awarded the Phonak 5 Star Centre status in recognition of the superior service that we offer. HEAD OFFICE: Hearing Wales, 47-48 The Grove, Uplands,Swansea, SA2 0QRHearing Wales, Swansea.
Microsuction is an examination and treatment of the ear using a high powered binocular operating microscope. It usually causes some short lived vertigo (dizzines), lasting no more than a minute or so. An alternative to microsuction often used in children with runny, discharging ears is to gently mop out the ear with a cotton wool applicator. If we can’t carry out an adequate examination with the child (or adult) awake, a General Anaesthetic may be recommended. The rigid nasal endoscope is a small instrument, like a silver pencil with a light on the end, 4 millimetres or less in diameter and around 20cm long.
Without any kind of endoscope, we can see only just inside the front inch (2-3cm) of the nose, by stretching the nostrils a little and shining a light.
Flexible fibreoptic nasolaryngoscopy is carried out to diagnose conditions of the nose and throat.
Until we had the flexible scopes, the standard way of examining the larynx was to use a mirror held in the mouth, with the patient’s tongue pulled out. Before we had the flexible fibreoptic laryngoscope, many patients were subjected to a general anaesthetic for a direct laryngoscopy, just because it was not possible to get a good enough view with the mirror.
All information and advice on this website is of a general nature and may not apply to you. Enjoy A FREE Hearing Check On Us - It couldChange Your LifeStatistics show that 62% of over 65s have some form of hearing loss. Ear Wax Removal Using MicrosuctionEar Wax Microsuction is the safest, most effective way of cleaning wax build up.
The hearing health check helped me indentify why I was having so much trouble hearing the television.

My wife always mentioned that I had trouble hearing her from a distance and especially in the car.
The Hearing Clinic UK ServicesOur hearing aid and other hearing services are dispensed at our central clinic in Glasgow, Stirling and out satellite clinics right across central Scotland.
These cases where a child can’t sit still or cooperate with the doctor, the procedure will be done in an operating room with the child given general anesthesia. If you have any concerns about your child’s ears or hearing, get the ear tested for hearing after wards. Dr Paulose FRCS, DLO is a Consultant ENT Plastic & Laser Surgeon with over 38 years of world class experience in Ear, Nose, Throat and Laser Surgery treating patients across the world from UK, US, Middle East to Asia. Ear wax or “Cerumen”, is normal and its presence is in the canal is healthy, as it helps to protect the ear.
Impacted wax can also adversely affect the performance of hearing aids; in particular it can cause feedback or whistling, or cause the instrument to become faulty. Andrew Friel is one of only a handful of Private Hearing Aid Audiologists to offer micro-suction wax removal. To establish whether wax is present in the ear canal, Andrew provides an examination using the latest in Video Otoscope technology. Micro-suction is the “gold standard” and safest method of ear wax removal.  Andrew is a trained Clinical Audiologist and offers this service without the need for GP referral.
If you would like any further information regarding “micro-suction”, or would like to book an appointment to have your ears or hearing aid checked for wax, please contact 0800 111 4779. A full range of batteries and accessories is available, which can be posted direct to your home. A Hearing Assessment is straight forward and for many patients a domiciliary visit is the easiest way to obtain this.
Andrew is a trained clinician giving clients a high level of service normally associated with a fixed clinic only without the inconvenience of having travel to one. The procedure is completely pain-free and unlike ‘syringing’ and ‘irrigation’ does not require any pre-treatment with oil or drops. The procedure normally takes between 5 and 15 minutes to complete and in most cases, relief is instant. This enables you to see the condition of your ear canal and ear drum, as well as the amount of wax in your ear. Earwax microsuction is performed with the aid of an operating microscope and a finely calibrated suction device. In most earwax removal centres earwax removal is undertaken by  ear irrigation, which involves injecting a jet of water into the ear to help dislodge the wax. It is also completely safe, as the professional can clearly see what he or she is doing inside your ear canal.
We are very proud of our unparalleled service and offer comprehensive aftercare for the lifetime of your hearing system.
Illumination is from light shone over the child’s shoulder and focussed onto the ear by a head mirror worn by the surgeon.
With a range of angled lenses to see around corners, and a powerful fibreoptic light source, the surgeon gets detailed close-up views of the internal nose and sinuses.
But the rigid endoscope is better if we want to do something in the nose, because the surgeon only needs one hand to hold the rigid nasendoscope, and the other hand is then free to carry out therapeutic procedures such as suction of secretions or cauterisation for nosebleeds.
We can sometimes get a view of the back of the nose using a mirror held in the mouth, and that was the standard method before nasal endoscopes were in widespread use. It is still sometimes necessary to carry out a direct laryngoscopy under a general anaesthetic for the rare patient who cannot tolerate the flexible laryngoscope. This medical information is provided to enhance and support, not replace, individual advice from a qualified medical practitioner.
Our new, revolutionary ear wax removal technique only requires drops to be inserted the night before.Hearing Aids – The most important part of any hearing aid is the technology inside.

The procedure uses a sophisticated microscope which provides a magnified light source enabling for the delicate removal of obstructions to the ear. Mr Stone helped me to see that there was a portion of sounds that were outside of my hearing range, and he recommended that we look into it further. Many simply couldn’t pick up on it before getting their hearing devices, but when it is there it can be very unwelcome. Martin Stone and Chris Stone lead the team and are 3rd generation hearing aid audiologists.
There might be a little discomfort but it isn’t painful, though some kids may be uncomfortable with the sensation of someone handling their ears. It is done as a day case, the child come to the operation theatre on empty stomach, the procedure done by inhalation anesthesia a€“mask over the face.
Occasionally as wax migrates from ear canal it can cause a blockage, preventing sound from travelling down the ear canal to the eardrum, which can cause temporary hearing loss. Traditional ear syringing uses a jet of water, which many people find unpleasant and many patients are unsuitable, for example if they have a perforated Eardrum. It is possible to view a live colour image of your own eardrum and ear canal on a TV screen using a miniature camera.  Should excessive Cerumen be present, Andrew offers micro-suction wax removal service on site, without the need for referral. The view is nothing like as good, and we can’t normally reach right down to the eardrum, but it is less scary for the child.
We can also check the back of the nose, and the openings of the Eustachian Tubes which connect with the middle ear. Indirect laryngoscopy (mirror examination) can still be done, but it requires considerable skill and practice. It may also be necessary to have a general anaesthetic where it is necessary to take a biopsy from something found with the flexible scope. I cant believe I've lived with this for so long when it was so easy to identify and the end solution was so easy.
The clinical team are fully registered and accredited with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC). Sometimes, and especially in younger children, it is done as a day case surgery under general anaesthetic.
The endoscopic examination looks into all the nooks and crannies of the nose, showing the exact location of any narrowings, bony deformities, polyps and the source of any pus drainage. In those parts of the world where the flexible fibreoptic laryngoscope is readily available, indirect laryngoscopy using a mirror is a dying art. Hear what it can do for you with a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL.The Sound Lounge – Unique In Scotland – The Sound Lounge is a dedicated audiology room for each patient to get the very most out of their hearing aid system.
UN-BLOCK YOUR EARS FAST WITH MICROSUCTION - Microsuction is a technique previously used exclusively by ENT specialists.
With Scotlands largest range of hearing solutions and the latest testing, fitting and tuning equipment we are raising the bar in audiology across Europe.
Most patients find it less tolerable than the scope, and the view for the doctor is not so good.
We use the room to explore and dispense all our audiological solutions.Hearing Aid Repairs in Glasgow – If you have hearing aids that are broken or simply not working, we can help – even if you didn’t buy them from our clinic! With Clinics in Glasgow, Stirling and a variety of other locations right across Scotland, the Hearing Clinic UK are totally committed to providing you with the best quality of service in hearing healthcare.
Why is Background Noise For Hearing Aid Wearers such a Big Problem?Background noise for Hearing Aid wearers can be the enemy of hearing aid wearers. Many simply couldn’t pick up on it before getting their hearing devices, but when it is there it can be very unwelcome.Blocked ears fixed — FAST!!Do you suffer blocked ears?

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