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EarClear Ear Drops For Wax RemovalContains carbamide peroxide which helps soften and loosen ear wax.
Not recommended for treatment of pain of raw inflamed tissue, swimmer's ear or itching or the ear canal.
Details Ingredients: Glycerin, Sodium Carbonate, Purified Water. Using the ear-plug (included) prevents the Kyrosol from leaking and allows for some mobility during the wax dissolving process.

Warning: If you have any known ear conditions, we recommend that you consult your physician before using this product!
For best and safest result, we recommend that you use this product with the Kyrosol Ear Rinser (sold separately). Kyrosol features hygienic single-dose pipettes to prevent contamination to limit the risk of infection. This aids easy removal, may reduce the need for syringing, and also helps relieve ear wax discomfort.

Do not use if there is pain or dizziness, or if ear surgery has been performed within the past 6 weeks. Keep head tilted for several minutes before turning to the other side and repeating for the other ear.

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