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Come “look over my shoulder” as I go shopping for toxic free products, both online and out in the world. It was just an annoyance until last week, when my ear started aching and itching and my hearing got much worse. While the doctor was looking in my ear with the otoscope, I said, “What’s wrong with my ear? There are also Ear Wax Removal Syringes that allow you to safely flush the ear to remove wax. I have in the past tried beeswax ear candles and those little ear vacuums that used to be on TV, but neither were effective.
Here is more information about earwax buildup and symptoms that would indicate your ear wax needs to be removed. While I was there I also picked up a the homeopathic remedy she recommended to me, that I’ve been taking every day for about a year. Then we went out to lunch at a little local restaurant a few blocks away called Cristina’s. I went to Home Depot and was dismayed to find that they no longer have the Black Kow Composted Cow Manure that I use to buy (though I see it’s still on the Home Depot website0.
I had to buy some potting mix and didn’t have time to go elsewhere, so I ended up buying Nature’s Care Organic Potting Mix with Water Conserve. I just went down to Home Depot to return the Natural Care potting soil and buy the Black Kow composted manure.
I had looked up online to see if Home Depot carried it and the page said they had 254 bags. For that same amount of money, plus $7.43, I got three bags of Black Kow, plus a hanging planter, a six-pack of pea seedlings, and a pot of heirloom leek seedlings.

They send me emails almost every day and today’s was about products they sell made from marble.
I had discovered Wayfair when I was searching for an office chair (more on that to come soon) and I I wanted to tell you about it.
Suddenly I thought I should have a blog to write about what I am buying to show you how to find products in popular stores and websites.
I asked my newsletter readers if they were interested in “looking over my shoulder” while I shop and I got a flood of emails saying “Yes! Now I’m gardening again and need a potting table for planting seeds and all my garden gear. I was so impressed with all the variety on Wayfair, and thought they might have a potting table for me. The materials choices for potting tables are basically PVC or wood (with who knows what kind of finishes and preservatives). I show you toxic free products I find, tell you what I buy, and explain why I think these are good picks. The have fabulous pizza (that I no longer eat), but we both had salad with chicken breast added. From years past, I have quite a number of lovely pots and so I needed some fresh potting soil to put in the pots before planting this year’s seedlings from the organic nursery. Not exactly what I wanted but it was the most natural potting soil they had at my local Home Depot. But I really didn’t have a place to write about places where only certain items are toxic free. What makes Wayfair unique is they have “a zillion things for your home” in every style and color.

I had been using Q-tips all my life, and I remember the days when putting a Q-tip in my ear resulted in wax on the Q-tip when I pulled it out.
You put the foam in your ear and it softens the wax, allowing it to naturally drain from the ear. At the end of the meal they bring a little plate with two tasting spoons of wonderful gelato for each guest.
The advantage here in Florida is that it contains sphagnum peat moss, processed forest products (what are these?) yucca and coconut husks, which absorb like a sponge to protect against over and under watering. I didn’t want to limit the blog just to what I’m actually buying, but to show all the things I like and would buy if I had the money and the need, because they are toxic-free. I mentioned it several times to my alternative practitioners, who didn’t think it was significant and thought it would resolve itself.
I couldn’t hear people speaking on the phone and had to turn the volume up to the highest level.
The down side is it contains :organic fertilizer”derived from poultry litter feather meal, meat meal and blood meal.
Finally a clerk looked it up in the computer and found them in an area way far way from the plants or other soils and amendments. Every time you put a Q-tip in your ear it impacts the wax!” And that’s just what happened to me. This one is made by Miracle Gro, which does not appear on the website at all until you get down to reading a pdf of the label.

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