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It is a yellowish substance, which may cause blockage of the ear, loss of hearing and itching too.
These guys are having a fun time with a Water Pik and dislodge some chunks out of one guy’s ear in the process. I was a Medical Assistant for over 30 years…and next to **ZIT**isting the doctor with sebaceous cysts, ear lavage was my second best. I too am a CMA, this was the only procedure that made me turn my head to NOT gag in front of the patient, and the smell…ICKY POO!
In an earlier video they used a good towel for pus and in this one a cooking pot for ear wax. Would you want to try a big bowl of their “Award Winning Secret Ingredient ” chili ? Why would someone “thumb this person down” and dont explain why you dont agree with the person??? The item used is a Water Pic (k) it is actually for the purpose of removing plaque from teeth. It’s ok to not understand the purpose of some grooming tools, although my husband has learned that when I am heading towards him with the tweezers the mo**ZIT**row is about to be removed! How did they borrow my Water Pik ?? You ever heard of people talking about “digging taters out of them dirty ears??? Woman buying outfits for a special occasions, then return them, is the most common, I think.

Yes, I think he should see an Ears, Nose and Throat doctor to find out why it keeps coming back.
WIth the gunk they would get out of the other ear, they could probably polish their car to a bright shine.
Well the only reason to not throw out the pain is for him to clean his ears again and again….
Am I the only person who sees a guy with his shirt off and one fully dressed — and **ZIT**umes that the shirtless guy is the ear-wax-removee? The patented design of the Ear-Wiz allows home users to safely remove ear wax using a curette style loop.
This design is fully doctor recommended and uses a length-guard to remove concerns around over insertion, keeping your ear drum safe. Earwiz can we washed in a warm, soapy water, eliminating the need for unsafe, non-reusable cotton swabs. Mack's Wax Away ear drops have been medically approved to safely and gently remove excess earwax (cerumen). The average waiting time for this is 2-4 working days, but please allow up to 7 days for delivery to take place. The Acu-life 90ml Bulb Ear Syringe is perfect for gently removing wax & debris from adult ears, full instructions are located on the rear of the packaging.
CleanEars Wax removal spray is easy to use, and a gentle ear cleansing solution, suitable for use by the whole family.

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It is an effective and clinically proven method to disperse ear wax and a safe alternative to cotton buds. Bend your head over the sink and keep on flushing your ear with water or vinegar until the solution comes out completely.
This procedure is used to remove wax from the external auditory meatus, the passage from the outer ear to the eardrum. To remove the wax a solution is introduced into the passage from the syringe to soften the wax.

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