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With an old beer can, utility knife and scissors, build a remarkably easy and effective Wi-Fi extender with a few simple steps. Sometimes the copper cable inside the headphone wire breaks and one headphone goes out, or something in the plug messes up and it doesn't work anymore unless you bend the cable in a certain way, or stupid things like that. Are there headphones - either earbuds, or the kind that go behind your head - that have cables that won't degrade like that?
I don't want to get an expensive set out of fear I might break them with a weight while at the gym, which has happened before.
Like their earbud counterparts, Bluetooth headphones offer more comfort and the option to get rid of wires.

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My last pair of earbuds were accidentally yanked out of my ears this past summer, breaking apart the right speaker and rendering it inoperable. Unlike the buds, these on- and over-ear models feature increased external noise reduction and comfort, while sacrificing the flexibility that allows for exercise (unless you keep your head really, really still while you work out).The Best Bluetooth Earbuds From $80 to $200They're great for commuting, working in loud environments, and any other situation you might want to listen solitarily without being beholden to cords and devices.
Carrying around my newest headset to and from work has caused the speaker in the right can to come dislodged, rattling around and not outputting at full volume.

Just stick some tin foil to the negative end of a AAA battery until you have time to pick up the right size. I just put them in my pocket, but I would pay anything for a set of headphones that could take abuse.

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