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Stromtrooper Forum : Suzuki V-Strom Motorcycle Forums - Best Headphone while riding with a helmet? Prior to my strom I was riding a Harley with a half helmet that would allow me to ride with headphones of my choice, a nice bluetooth pair.
My buddy has the LG brand of the same type of in ear blue tooth, also no issue under a full coverage. I found a light oxford silk balaclava really keeps the earphones well sealed and easier to get a helmet on and off. I doubt any bud style set up isolates at all and you end up turning them up too loud to hear over ambient noise.
Foam tips are much better for isolation and bass response than silcon tho the silicon last forever. In all cases I prefer a sealed set up as music sounds better at lower volumes and bass response is far more accurate.
For motorcycle use, in my limited experience, you want noise-isolating earbuds with a low profile.
For example, the Etymotics pictures above stick out way too much to be ideal for use under a helmet. A watch is a staple gift for men, but you can spruce it up by getting him one with some smart features.

Drone’s are incredibly popular these days, and coming in at three centimeters long, three centimeters wide, and two centimeters tall, the Axis Drones’ Aerius is the smallest quadcopter drone in the world. You're looking at the brand spankin' new Skullcandy FIX earbuds, which incorporate Skullcandy's newest technologies and are said to be the new dawn of patent-pending ear bud design.
Right now, I am leaning towards a custom molded ear bud for some ambient noise isolation and secure fit (regular buds fall out of my weird shaped ear canal) and a bluetooth adapter. They do not seal into your ears which is a requirement for both fidelity and noise isolation. It always seems like they have everything they want, and if not, the choices aren’t as extensive as they are for women. It’s not a full-blown smartwatch like the Apple Watch, but Fossil’s Q Grant Chronograph syncs to a smartphone and offers color-coded notifications, and can even track steps, calories, and more. While it boasts impressive specs, it will only be in the air for about 5 – 7 minutes before it has to recharge, but that only takes 15 minutes.
There are now affordable options for good virtual reality headsets, which are exploding in popularity.
The battery lasts for seven days until it needs a recharge, which is about six days longer than most smartwatches. Read more here. It features several pre-programmed aerial tricks, LED lights, intelligent orientation control, and more. Read more here.

If your man owns a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, Galaxy S6 Edge, or Galaxy S6, the Samsung Gear VR is a no-brainer accessory.
The revolutionary engineering of the FIX earbuds make it so you can play as hard as you want and never have to worry about missing a single beat because they simply won't fall out of your ears. The comfortable headset has more than 100 games and apps you can explore, and for the price, it’s currently the best virtual headset around. They come with a tube to store and charge, as well as sport hooks to stabilize them when exercising.
Pulling the tap forward dispenses the drink, but at the end push the lever back to get a perfect head.
And hey – it’s not like you can’t borrow it to try it out yourself. Read our full review here. Don’t forget to grab four AA batteries for the Fizzics Beer System to work. Read more here.

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