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The inline controller of the BlueBuds X has three buttons near the right earbud that can be operated by feel.
The phones come with a decent pair of earbuds, but the cable plugged into the phone tends to get in the way. They have two comfortable earbuds, an inline set of controls, and an integrated microphone for phone calls. Having owned the JayBird earbuds for a few months, the battery life of eight hours easily gets me through an entire work day. Both comfort and audio quality is a factor of getting the right size to properly fit in the ear canal. The pause and play functions tend to work OK, but the volume controls are spotty on non-iOS devices.

To sign up for more newsletters or to manage your account, visit the Newsletter Subscription Center. Wireless earbuds deal with that problem, and this pair from JayBird is as good as they get. Having bought and tested a number of earbuds and headphones, both wired and wireless, the JayBird BlueBuds X Sport stands tall among them. The earbuds can be worn under or over the ear for versatility, and even after wearing them for hours they produce no discomfort.
In addition to regular phone calls, I have used them for numerous conference calls and nobody on the other end of the call has noticed that I'm on a wireless headset. The latter gives audio confirmation in the left earbud when the unit is powered on and off and when it is connected via Bluetooth to the iPhone.

Great audio, wireless convenience, and long battery life make this my daily headset for the iPhone. While the earbuds aren't noise canceling, the in-ear design blocks distracting noise in all but the noisiest environments. These earbuds are good to wear for workouts, as they are coated with a water repellent solution to handle sweat. Pausing audio makes it possible to hear conversations, which makes them ideal for cubicle farms at work.

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