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For gamers and audiophiles, listening to the right sounds is the best thing technology can offer.
The NC1s are the cheapest cans here and feel basic, but thata€™s not entirely a bad thing: the controls are fuss-free and therea€™s no wireless to worry about.
Next on our list of best noise cancelling headphones features Stereo Bluetooth connection with back-hang style foldable design which provides maximum portability. Among the good features of this headphone are; Unique design, excellent fit and finish, impeccableA sound quality, built-in rechargeable battery to power the noise cancellation, include Apple-friendly inline remote and microphone. Featuring exceptional clarity and sonic accuracy for mixing, this is surely not your average headset.
Of course, in the scene of technology, the best way to enjoy your set of music is through the help of noise cancelling headphones.
These arena€™t just bangers, though a€“ theya€™re extraordinarily bright sounding and realistic in the mid-high spectrum, with great stereo separation. This one has QC15 headphones which feature proprietary signal processing and TriPortA® acoustic headphone structure for more lifelike sound-including deep low notes-from its small, lightweight earcups.
Further, this results to premium studio quality sound which is a great thing at this price point. It has dynamic, closed-ear headphones with up to 32 dB attenuation of outside sound so you can still hear your music even someone is hammering your wall. Enough said, below are 12 of the best noise cancelling headphones that you will find best in the market today.
Audio-wise, theya€™re the most balanced cans here, with a bright, detailed sound that really brings out the vocals; ultra-wide stereo separation and i¬‚awless noise-cancelling. Theya€™re not the most balanced, but youa€™ll feel truly connected to your music, and noise-cancelling is i¬?rst-rate. All these things point to a pair of headphones that are more interested in performing a€“ and in some areas they do perform well.

The sound is bright and wide, and theya€™re especially good with music played by real instruments, so if you favor guitar riff s to bleeps, look no further.
Switch automatically from remote controls on the headset which allows you to play, skip and select your music tracks. Solitudea€™s top of the line around-the-ear ear cushions further enhances the sound quality as well which results to better overall comfort.
It is lightweight and comfortable, it has ergonomic design and has a cord length 9.8 feet so moving around is till still possible while youa€™re using it.
The case is clever, too, with various accessory slots a€“ and it even shows you how to fold your headphones.
Noise cancelling is decent (though not the best in this test), and in isolation they sound good, with a controlled low end. The noise-cancelling dealt with background sounds easily, but more voices got through than we woulda€™ve liked.
With its 400mAh Li-Polymer Battery, it can operate continuously for up to 20 hours before it will require a recharge. Portability is not a problem either as it can go on for straight 40 hours through its two AAA batteries.
Overall this headphone can give you the expectations you are expecting on a noise cancelling headphone. It as well has adjustable cushioned headband and lightweight design for maximum comfort every time.
An excellent choice for water, for sleeping in moderate noise, and for wear under a motorcycle helmet. Therea€™s no wireless and theya€™re the only pair here powered by an AA battery, but otherwise these are exceptional cans.
The goatskin on-ear pads are comfy for hours, the controls are intuitive and wireless lasts 14 hours.

However, the rest of the spectrum is a bit i¬‚ at and they lack dynamism in more complex tracks.
The AKGs are probably the least comfortable of the three pairs of on-ear headphones here, and the build quality feels rather basic a€“ even more so than the NC1sa€™.
You also get good noise- cancelling and wireless, with an unbeatable 22 hours of battery life. As with any good sounding earphones, it requires AAA battery which can keep it ticking for up to 35 hours.
Furthermore, its earpads, headband padding, and audio cord are easily replaceable, ensuring long life of your headset. Just a couple of gripes: the controls are a little i¬?ddly, and they dona€™t feel special enough.
Insta-Putty has superior adhering properties so they seal better than ordinary silicone putty ear plugs. These tan colored foam earplugs provide great protection, without advertising that you're wearing earplugs.
These super soft, neutral-colored foam plugs provide an excellent NRR of 32dB, making them ideal for extreme volume situations like motorcycling, as well as day-to-day protection for sleep or study. Sleep Pretty in Pink will help you sleep through your partner's snoring, noisy neighbors, traffic sounds, and any other noises that are keeping you awake. All of these ear plugs are available in packages from single pairs to thousands of pairs here at Ear Plug Superstore.

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