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The top ten allergens, as identified by the North American Contact Dermatitis Groups, are listed in the Table. Gold and silver are soft metals and need to be streghthened by adding another metal such as nickel. Neomycin is the most commonly used topical antibiotic and is the most common sensitizer among topical antibiotics.
Balsam of Peru is a naturally occurring fragrance that will cause reactions in about half of those with fragrance allergy.
The Fragrance mix contains eight different fragrance components that detect 70-80% of fragrance allergies.
The lesson here is that trying to prevent sunburn and the effects of the sun on aging may cause dermatitis. Benzocaine is frequently used as an anti-pruritic and is the most common topical sensitizer.

This list shows three metals, three preservatives, two topical antibiotics, and two fragrance components, thus illustrating several common contactants (Table 1). It may present as earring dermatitis, dermatitis under a necklace or watch, or dermatitis of the mid-abdomen from a snap or belt buckle. This man thought his contact dermatitis to shoes was an infection and compounded the irritation by applying povidone-iodine solution (Betadine®). Allergy is most often seen in those with fragrance allergy or those with allergies to spices, including cloves, cinnamon, and Jamaican pepper.
It typically plays a role as an allergen in personal care products – shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and moisturizers. This should be suspected in patients with chronic dermatitis, failure to clear with topical steroids, and exacerbation of dermatitis after use of topical steroids. It is frequently combined with calamine lotion (Caladryl®), which causes more mischief.

Most allergies to quaternium-15 are relevant to a patient’s dermatitis, and 80% of those who react are also allergic to formaldehyde. Although this is uncommon, it should be considered, when looking for a cause of dermatitis. If allergic to PABA, thiazides, sulfonylurea (anti-diabetic medication), azo dyes, benzocaine, p-aminosalicylic acid, and p-phenyldiamine all may cause dermatitis from cross-reaction. Although they are chemically unrelated, they often show co-reactivity due to sensitization to both. Anaphylaxis and contact urticaria are reported more often with bacitracin than with other topical antibiotics.

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