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In case you don’t follow us on Facebook, we are currently doing a giveaway for not one, but two pairs of Chrysmela Catch. Over a year ago, I introduced you all to a product that was a little wonder behind your big jewels. If this is the year where you’ve got some post back sparklers on your list, make sure you add an order of Chrysmela Catch to go along with them. Since the last time we chatted about these wonder backings, a lot has updated in their world. And finally, the exact patented mechanism made with surgical steel (no gold) can be purchased for $44 here.
Whether you are breaking out the fancies for the holiday parties or you receive a pair in a pretty little box this season, be sure to add a pair of Chrysmela Catch to the mix.

In this last month, I was contacted from a gal in LA who is assisting some folks in Japan to introduce a product to the US.
I have had my ears pierced since I was 10 years old and I cannot tell you how many half pairs I have lost over the years, because a backing fell off. My next tester for feedback was Morgann Crook, CAbi stylist and creator of Glitter in the Gray blog. If I am to sum up the overall feelings about the Chrysmela earring backings is that they do what they say they will.
They are small (depends on who you ask, if that is good or bad) and maybe a little tricky to get on and off.
The other week, when I stopped by Target to check out the Prabal Gurung collection, I happened upon this khaki jacket.

Along with her skinnies, Shayna is wearing the Leopard Virtue Flat, $80, the ridiculously soft, Coccoon Dolman $48, and earrings by Phillipe.
Jenny’s skinnies are paired with a basic cami in gray $8, the V-neck Sheer Tunic Sweater for $68,  (you should see the detail in the back as well, very cute!), the Riding Boot in black $78, and the Phillipe Large Kite Earrings $35.
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