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I have Js from Brian, but they are about .31 each and bezel- but I have mine in yellow gold, I love them, they sparkle and really don''t notice any real warmth, Have you asked what the cost difference was on the martini vs the bezels? Recently we have reviewed a few amazing OXO Tot products from feeding and also a Travel mug and a Silicone Basting brush from the OXO Good Grips Range. The OXO Tot Flippy™ Snack Cup with Travel Cover is great for munching at home or on the go.
We were sent with a huge box full of Art &Craft items, Biscuits and Icing and also a lovely goodie bag for our little guests.
We started off with coloring as all of them loved their Crayons (that were supposed to go in their Goodie Bag) and couldn’t wait to use them. I never imagined the next thing they are planning to do is something that is going to keep me busy.
After all the making and watching, Everyone was hungry and was looking forward to taste their decorated biscuits. And to add to the surprise, Mine was delivered with a pretty silver pair of earrings with cubic zerconia and a silver pair of LuxLock and  there was a pair of 14kt gold LuxLock earring backs. As a reader, you might be keen to know how actually it works and what’s so special in it. Though the Disc seems slightly bigger, it does not show off when on the ears and hides nicely.
Note – This product is still not available in the UK but can be shipped and is expected soon. Get your 14kt Gold replacement earring backs today (earrings not included in purchase) –  purchase the LuxLock Clutch from ebay! The screws hurt when going in or out, and they seemed longer and thinker, which just made it worse.
The soft, flexible opening gives little hands easy access to goodies, while the flaps keep even small snacks off the floor.

All the children enjoyed it and glad I recorded the show as I was asked to repeat the show at least 5 times afterwards. It was sure hard for the mum to be on call all the time and also to take pictures in between. Loosing it would hurt me (and Hubby) more than not wearing it so obviously I had chosen the latter, until one day, I was asked to review the Dama Lock to review their exclusive, Unique LuxLock 14k Gold Earring Replacement Backs. A strong stainless steel mechanism within a stunning and easy-to-handle 14kt gold clutch firmly grips for security by easily slipping onto your earrings and locking into place. At first, I was quite nervous to check whether the LuxLock would fit my Diamond stud earring?! I have a Big hole that I can not wear any earring without disc so this was an added advantage for me while I use the one without disc for DD as it is slightly easier to remove.
The below YouTube video should be of great help to explain the LuxLock mechanism and how it stays tight and close to your earrings. Though it feels expensive, it is worth having a pair to protect your Luxury earrings and to give you peace of mind let you enjoy the parties. If you don''t plan on changing out your earrings, then screwback might be a way to go, but if you''re like me, sometimes I don''t like to wear my earrings to bed (unless they are my huggies) then I''d do the normal push back. I rememeber the bezels being MORE though, but not caring at the time because I had just tried on some bezels at a local store that had handmade ones similar to the BGD ones (at least from what I've seen in the pics) and was just in love.
The twist-on lid stays secure when the Cup is dropped (or thrown!), and the shape of the non-slip handle is just right for tots. That really was a great idea as the kids had some time to settle before deciding what they actually wanted to make as a team. The LuxLock is the only luxury earring clutch available today that combines strength, style and effortless simplicity!
In fact I have a pair of martini earrings I can lend you (the settings are from Wink so they are nice quality) so you can see how they feel if you want.

And the most fun part is, he was more confused that I am not checking the earrings quite often as I do before and getting panicked, he was taking over that job while I was enjoying my Birthday dinner.
Plus I''ve asked for K''s so, I thought bezels would be best because I wouldn''t see any warmth from the side. I'm inclined to go with MsSalvo's advice on the bezels, a deal is not a deal unless you get exactly what you want.
It is all because, there are so many days I had come with One earring or sometimes with nothing. If I could retrieve all the earrings that I had lost from my childhood, I could now start a jewelry shop.
All I did was just a Panic shouting, but I was happy that I shall never be searching for my Luxury earring again as it is always protected with LuxLock.
I wouldn’t lie that Mum was never upset, but honestly I should admit, even after seeing me coming home with a pretend SAD face, she had gone hunting for new designer earrings. And I''m thinking maybe martini''s or eight prongs would be better, as I could re-use the settings for colored stones eventually. And mine get red and icky (like cut up) just from wearing the wrong pair for too long-- specificaly the ruby earrings I had with these REALLY thick gold posts. Personally I LOVE my settings and think they are a bit more classic than the bezels (don't shoot me please I love the bezels too).
And one of my co-workers is on her 6th pair of studs and swears the screw backs are the way to go. I''ve asked for K''s with flourscence and Brian didn''t find a pair that met his standards where both diamonds had flourescence.

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