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Juanita started talking about craft shows, Houston, new groups, and even the possibility of opening some sort of storefront. We are a team of artists from very different backgrounds and even different cultures, some of us work full-time day jobs, some of us have children, and something different drives us all. This entry was posted in entrepreneurship, houston, me, my jewelry and tagged display, houston, roundtable goods, sales, shop on August 14, 2012 by lazyowlboutique. As I mentioned (not sure if I did actually, let’s pretend), I did a craft show last month in Katy, Texas. By the time I made it out to Katy, I had about an hour to set up as much of my booth as I could all by my lonesome.
Anyway, it wasn’t a super wonderful show, but it was my best yet (out of 3, still a craft show newbie here), and a great experience. Plus, I got to debut my new and improved show display (see past discussions of my display here and here)! Check out my tutorial for how to make my DIY ring box display here, and also an explanation for how I built my DIY earring card display here.
I’ll be setting up my display again May 19 at the Friendswood Fine Arts Institute’s Art in the Park!
This entry was posted in houston, me, my jewelry and tagged craft shows, display, houston on May 9, 2012 by lazyowlboutique. Moving on to a totally unrelated note, here are pics and a review of my booth from my first craft show on October 29.

I made a few last minute changes to my set up, and put my printer’s tray of crystal earrings on the taller table rather than the small card table as planned.  The sun was shining into one corner of my area, and I wanted to try to put the crystal earrings in the sun where they could really sparkle! I also got some experience using Square, which went very smoothly.  About half my transactions were via credit card, and Square deposited the money in my account within a couple days.  No problems there! Finally, I got an opportunity to just step out of my shell for a day, which I’m sure I really needed. Pictured below are my old hollywood style earrings displayed on an antique printer’s tray, a shutter from re-Habitat, and a wire file folder holder from Hobby Lobby. Please let me know what you think of my booth display and if you have any suggestions for me!
This entry was posted in houston, my jewelry and tagged craft shows, display, dogs, lazy owl boutique on November 7, 2011 by lazyowlboutique. The table cloths are just cheap full size bed sheets I found in a neutral tone.  I bought a little cheap lace tablecloth to spice up the crystal earrings table. The memo board displays all of my bunting necklaces, and the blue frame on the left has hooks on the top to hold my other necklaces (again, installed by my handy husband). For my earring cards, I used a thin, spray-painted frame and hung rows of heavy twine across the back. Editing to add: I got my frames and memo board to stand up by using those metal picture frame holders you can get at Hobby Lobby or any craft store.
What do you think?  Give me your feedback!  My biggest worry is that I do not have a SHOP NAME anywhere on my table!

This entry was posted in DIY & Tutorials, houston, me, my jewelry and tagged craft shows, display, houston on October 27, 2011 by lazyowlboutique.
Thus, much to the annoyance of my husband, I never made it around to returning the cutlery tray.  Fastfowarding, when I saw this tutorial, I was like, AHA!  Finally something I can do with that tray!  Now I can make a super cheap ring display box AND avoid ever stepping into Bed, Bath, and Beyond. The main two items you need are any sort of cutlery tray type thing, or just a plain tray, and some upholstery foam, which I found at Joann.
This entry was posted in DIY & Tutorials, pinterest and tagged craft shows, display, DIY, pinterest, ring box, tutorial on September 29, 2011 by lazyowlboutique. Get ahead of the trend in this gorgeous coin necklace and earring set in silver and gold style.
Obviously, you can have fun with the fabric and color scheme and make it match your bedroom or branding or whatever. Maybe I have an underlying belief that everyone that sells things on Etsy is slightly crazy (including myself?), so when a very normal, happy-looking woman introduced herself as Juanita I was pleasantly surprised she had taken the time to seek me out at the show.

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