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I made the rack in about 2 hours from a shadow box found at Hobby Lobby (during a 50% off sale) for $27 plus tax.  Especially considering the relatively low cost and short time investment, I was very pleased with the results.  Please contact me with any questions or suggestions! Sell Your Jewelry: How to Start a Jewelry Business and Make Money Selling Jewelry at Boutiques, Fairs, Trunk Shows, and Etsy. A nice advantage of this rack is that it is not very heavy without the glass.  You can pack your earrings in the display for transport to the show – just wrap it in plastic wrap or a towel and transport on its back!
Please let me know if you try this solution, and how it worked for you!  If you have another idea, please let me know!  Thank you for trying this project, I hope it works out great for you!

This entry was posted in Jewelry Tutorials and tagged Craft Shows, Earring Display, Jewelry Display, Jewelry Tutorials, Kathryn Depew, Tutorials. I did this, but attached some small hinges at the top and bottom and connected it to another shadow box so it opens like a book.
Make sure it is straight, and repeat for remaining dowels.  Let the glue dry and hour or two before moving the shadow box. I have seen those shadow boxes at Hobby Lobby and Michaels and always wondered how I could possibly use them for displaying my jewelry!!

This idea is the perfect one because I can hang it on the wall and keep my earrings organized.

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