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A classic design in aqua, the fine Austrian crystals add to the allure of these beautiful earrings. These earrings are not sold in stores, and you will not find a better price on them--or any price for that matter--because they are a Gail Devoid exclusive. These earrings are made with the best materials: sterling silver, fine Austrian crystals (you know, the trademarked ones?), Japanese Miyuki beads, and Japanese Delicas.

The aquamarine crystals sparkle, and the silver in the earrings makes these fine jewelry pieces shine. Reasonably priced for that special someone, the earrings have a larger crystal as a wire-wrapped dangle--and of course, the wire is also sterling silver, as are the French wires.
The earrings turn on sterling silver wire, and the picture shows the back of one earring and the front of the other.

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