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Put your name in lights with a vintage-inspired, marquee-style light that can be hung or placed on a table to personalize your space.
Use recycled cans to make a cutlery holder that can be used for indoor and outdoor entertaining. Sure to add charm and character to your home decor, this FirsTime owl tabletop clock features a rich bronze finish and can be hung on the wall or used for tabletop display. Minute to Win It Style One Minute ChallengesChallenge #1: Rubber Band Shoot-out How many rubber bands can you shoot into a shoe box? Have a card box and put cards on the table and all of the guests can write the graduates a personal note! I know, I know: most men without military affiliation or hunting hobbies are not fans of camo.

Shadow Box can be a very interesting tool for engaging a child’s creativity and imagination.
Original Pin - Have students write their names on the side of a sheet of paper (first or both first and last).
Wrap an aluminum foil box and put muffins in it for gifts ~ OMGosh is this a great idea or what?!
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It also shows many songs that show cheering or being glad is a great thing to have around a camp. But this look shows you that the shirt doesn't have to be printed--it can even be a textured shirt like denim, and then give the print to the bottom half.

I made an outdoor foam block to put under my dogs bed, I just used spray adhesive and pressed the fabric on since it was waterproof and I wouldn't need to put it in a washer.
Kids can decorate them however they like and the acrostic simile poems can be hung above all student's desks for display.
Create a warm and toasty cowl around your neck or tie it loosely to display as 'jewelry' for your blouse.

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