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Join our email list to receive our Weekly Ad, special promotions, coupons, fun project ideas and store news. Create beautiful, fashionable pieces of jewelry and display them or gift them in this gorgeous Black Velvet Large Pendant and Earring Box. My friend Judy Cleve and I are always racking our brains for craft show display ideas.  Judy sells my pottery and jewelry for me at craft shows, and she also sells her own handcrafted jewelry as well. This year I wanted to update the Cotton Ridge Pottery booth displays and have a more natural, earthy look, but needed to fit them into my rather low budget!  Here are a few of the ideas Judy and I came up with for the March 2012 NA Crafters Show. A small pillow underneath the tablecloth allows the necklaces to drape nicely.  Judy’s friend Christa thought of this elegantly simple idea!

We also used wooden bowls and coffee beans in baskets.  See my Pinterest Jewelry Displays Board for many more creative ideas from all over the internet!
A very long time ago Stylebytes talked about the two things (I don't know what to call it either) in the picture. Mini BeretInstead of paying $32 for a mini beret online, you can casily create one yourself for less than 50 cents. Featuring a black velvet exterior with a black velvet display and a plush white interior, this box is great for all those lovely jewelry pieces that deserve a special container. The skirt on the right is by Acne, but it's only available for stylists according to Stylebbytes.

Hand sew a continuous chain of simple stitches along the edge of the circle, then pull the string together to form a hat shape. Finally drill two larger holes at the top to hang a ribbon through.Sushi bag This bag is created from felt, so there is no need to hem the edge.

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