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Repeat the last step seven more times, each time putting the hook in that first loop you tied. All materials, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. The beading technique used in creating the earrings is a variation of the circular triangle weaving technique. When it comes to making beaded jewelries it is important to learn how to determine the right size of seed beads you’ll be using, especially if you’re making intricate beadwork and working with different types of beading techniques. Our new found crafters and bloggers will teach us unique jewelry making ideas and learn how to make wire jewelry.
You might want to start a new project and learn new beading and wire work skills we’ve got 3 suggested handmade jewelry making ideas for you! When we think of home crafted earrings, we think of brads from different materials, clay or some other materials that we usually need to go out and buy, which makes the whole idea of making the earrings pointless.
To make each spoke, you only need to pull the yarn through twice. You should now have one loop on your hook, which is the last chain you made. You can use any charm that has a little metal jump ring to attach to the yarn, or even sew a cute button to the front.I had a few microchips laying around.

Press it into the front of your crochet circle until the spikes are coming out of the back.
With this easy beading technique you can make motifs, link them together to create a row of triangle weave that you can use to make necklaces and bracelets. The seed beads must fit into the beadwork to have the result you want to achieve on your piece. And yet we rarely think of using recyclable materials for making our own earrings, because we think that they might look bad or cheap. If you have an old VCR, computer or even a broken radio, you can pop it open and cannibalize the circuit board to get some free geeky jewelry findings.Microchips have tiny wires hanging off of the bottom that bend easily, so all you need to do is unbend these and pull up the chip.
You may need to rearrange a few pieces of yarn to get the spikes through.Try to account for every spike.
Of course we can always recreate but that is an option that most of us would not want to do.
This is a tutorial for the bracelet, but you can increase a number of squares and make a necklace, or you can use one square and make an earrings, or using a smallest square you can make an ring. You can also list your tutorials here too. Join as our subscriber and redeem a free copy of the tutorials!

Well, you will definitely change your mind after checking out these top 10 DIY paper earring tutorials.
Do not tie around the flat part that is intended to be a thumb rest.Next, grab at the yarn with the hook and pull it through the loop of yarn you have tied onto the barrel. You don't want any surprise spikes emerging from the yarn when you are wearing your earrings. To prevent these problems from happening here are some tips how to care for your handmade wire jewelry. Check to make sure what you are doing looks like photo #1. Grab the yarn with the hook and pull through that first loop.
Make them and everyone will compliment you on them and no one would believe you that they are made from paper.

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