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To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. In most of the western world, it's been OK for any guy to get his left ear pierced, without it meaning anything, for many, many years. Regardless, the attempt in the gay community decades ago to use earrings to convey meaning ultimately failed because the meanings were opposite in NY and San Francisco, rendering them meaningless. Nowadays, gay and straight boys alike frequently just get both ears pierced, or if they only want a non-even number of earrings, then it's pretty much invariably the left that has more earrings than the right. But no, earrings no longer convey sexuality, and in practice it's unlikely that they ever really did.

Once I graduated from high school and got out into the wider world, suddenly no one cared anymore. Edit: Oh and jcadam, you should see how many guys have both ears pierced, and of the ones I've known personally, none are gay. It used to mean that if you got your right pierced you were gay, but your left you were straight.
Before you put any holes in your body, check out our ear piercing guide to see your options. In some places with longer traditions of ear piercing (like the mountain villages of Switzerland), the right ear is sometimes customary.

This thinking seemed to be promoted mostly by heteros who wanted a pierced ear but were worried about being labeled gay.
As far as ear piercings are concerned, which signifies that the individual is gay: the right or left side?

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