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Attach the s-hooks (buy the plastic ones, NOT the metal ones so they don’t swing everywhere) to the bars and fill with necklaces.
If I remember right, I thought the S hooks would swing while the plastic ones were tighter and would stay stationary. April 20, 2011 By Michelle Barneck 18 Comments Ever wondered how to make an earring holder?
I had the splatter screen to make this and was toying with the idea of lace, but was inspired by the lovely Amy from Positively Splendid to use burlap instead. I just bought one of those splatter screens with the idea that I was going to make an earring holder, I came home and googled it and this post came up! I was about to say that I was really loving lace right now and how it’s not something I always liked etc. I did short necklaces on top, long necklaces in the middle and buckets for bracelets down lower so I could see easily into the buckets. Attach the wire basket to the bar and remove the metal sheet with the holes from the bottom.
Just push the backs all the way to the front if they are hook earrings and will stay on the organizer by themselves. I have two colors of hooks because I ran out and had to buy more and they didn’t have the same colors.

I then hung it on one nail, just inside my closet, beside some of my wall-mounted shoe racks. The necklaces swing on their own when you open and shut the door, so I wanted to minimize the noise. Glue ribbon over the handle of the screen leaving the hole on the back of the end uncovered so you can hang it easily. I have posted a backlink to your site on my linky parties page, but it’s still coming up as an error. I wanted something to not only keep it organized, but where I could see it all: rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings together to coordinate quickly and easily. We don’t have a lot of counter or wall space in our master bath nor did I really want a big mass of jewelry out on display which is why I chose the back of the bathroom door. The S hooks would totally work especially if you are putting the bars on a wall where they won’t be moving. One picture or freebies with a link back may be used provided that full and clear credit is given to Natalie Shaw with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Glue burlap taut by laying a line of glue around the edge of the screen and gluing down a bit a a time. Using both layers gives it strength so the burlap won’t get wonky spacing from things hanging on it.

I wonder if you could use an embroidery hoop instead, or if you really need the stability of the wire mesh behind it?
On a trip to Ikea I found some things that I thought would be perfect for a DIY jewelry organizer, in the kitchen and garden areas of all places.
It gave me a big area to work with which could be in plain site or could be completely hidden away. I had a short lace baby doll dress with a flower clip in the back and a matching Blossom-esque hat with a lace band. I have nicer bracelets in little jewelry boxes so they don’t get tangled with the others.
It’s pretty, delicate and has a lovely vintage vibe that will never really go out of style.

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