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Next, I pulled the screen across the back of the frame and used the staple gun to put in the first staple. Enter your email address to subscribe to the Chickster blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Acrylic jewelry display box(showcase,earring organizer,holder,stand)Exquisite and unique acrylic jewellery display.
My jewelry box is a bit of a tangled mess that often ends with me wearing the same pair of earrings practically every day or forgoing them all together, which isn’t ideal when there are just so many fun earrings out there.

It was pretty easy to cut it with scissors, but if you have a pet or an often-barefooted roommate, be mindful that the screen left behind some small metal pieces that could be painful to step on.
Then I moved to the opposite side and put in another staple and continued that pattern until it was stapled all the way around. If I had it to do over again, I would probably staple the screen to the back of the frame rather than the inside lip of the frame (where the glass would press against if the frame had glass) because I think I would have been able to pull the screen tighter that way. Some little s hooks from the hardware store will make it work for necklaces and hoop earrings.

Also, the staples ended up coming through a little on that inside lip so you can see them from the front.

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